This strange alien made it's first day view in the 2007 film Alien vs. Hunter. It is a large arachnid-like predator, which has the ability to stab prey using its mantis-like limbs and to climb or scale just about any surface.

The creature is considered extremely dangerous and is pursued by an interstellar hunter who seeks to make a trophy out of it. Its origins are unknown, but it is confirmed that there it isn't the only one of its kind: at least one other individual has been seen, dead, aboard the Hunter's ship.


The alien's appearance is very vaguely reminiscent of a Xenomorph, although with a crustaceanoid torso and the lower body of a huge spider, complete with eight legs. The creature is extremely strong and durable: it is capable of charging at a moving car and throwing it out of the road, without the alien suffering any significant damage from the impact.

Like many arthropod-like species, this creature has a sharply cut exoskeleton that it can use in close quarters to eliminate threats. The creature's main weapon is its front claws and also a tentacle that it uses to grab prey at long distances. Its armor is capable of taking extreme punishment, so pretty much any 20th century weapon is practically useless against it. In fact, the only thing known to be able to kill it is a sort of alien pulse rifle that shoots lasers which explode on contact.

The creature's exoskeleton is not the only thing that is strong: the creature itself also is very tough and can kick with enough force to knock over a SUV. It can also climb walls with its spider legs. The creature is never truly specified to have acid blood but we can infer that it doesn't due to one scene where a dead specimen has part of its exoskeleton removed, but there is no spill of acid or any burns to the person who pulled it of by hand.

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