Lunar Sea Spire
The Lunar Sea Spire was an abandoned temple that was once an "oasis for Gems on Earth," according to Pearl.


The Lunar Sea Spire was a free-standing tower structure in the middle of the ocean. Each consecutive floor was slightly smaller than the one before and at the very top was a shrine to the Moon Goddess. Gems would gather at the Spire but in current times the Spire has been abandoned. The Spire possessed an extreme gravitational pull that kept the waves from sinking the tower until it deteriorated to a point where it collapsed.


"Cheeseburger Backpack"Edit

When the Crystal Gems visited the Spire with Steven, it had deteriorated and was infested with Crystal Shrimp. The Moon Goddess Statue was the one piece missing from the Spire that the Gems have. It needed to be placed at the top of the spire before midnight, or the entirety of it would fall apart. Because Steven forgot the statue at home, the temple sank beneath the waves.

"The Test"Edit

Pearl accidentally told Steven that his mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test to assess his skills. Although Pearl stated that Steven had definitely passed, she also mentioned that the Spire should have been an even easier task considering its condition.


  • The sunken Lunar Sea Spire is the fourth world in the mobile game "Attack the Light".
    • In the game, it is home to Blue pufferfish, starfish, anglerfish, and jellyfish light monsters along with a boss whale monster.