Lupoze is the first of the six Galactic Tourney Champions in Spore Hero Arena, who dominates the half-light/half-dark world of Tyndale. He resembles the inhabitants of the light side of the planet, who are spotted centaur-like creatures. Gamewise, he's the first boss encountered.

Lupoze, like the other champions, has fallen sway to the corrupting effects of the strange Championship Medals. He has become a ruthless battle-hungry monster, with needle-sharp snake-like fangs, razor-sharp claws, defensive spines and lizard-like eyes.

Lupoze is first encountered, of course, on his home turf in the Tyndale Tournament Arena, in a basic three stock elimination battle. He is encountered later during the Asteroid challenges. He is fought twice during these challenges, first in the Hoard and Hatch challenge in the monster's stomach then in the Capture the Egg challenge in the chest.

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