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The next planet after Hydross, Lusch is the second planet that the Core Contingency plan had taken place on. It is a world of shallow swamps, thick jungles and tall mountains. The small boggy rivers of Lusch were unsuitable for conventional watercraft, so new Hovercraft were employed on this world by the Core, the plans for such were then stolen by the Arm.

After failing to find the alien artifact on Hydross, the Arm and Core proceeded to the swamp covered planet of Lusch. It was here that the artifact, a strange beacon of some sort, was found. It was guarded by strange aliens called Scorpions that could fire heavy lasers from their tails. The Beacon was built to manipulate energies in a manner similar to the Galactic Gates. If reconfigured properly, it could be incorporated into a cataclysmic Implosion Device, which the Core sought in order to rebuild their empire.

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