Lwhekk was the capital of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium and was located beyond the main disk of the galaxy, in the remote Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster.


Lwhekk was a humid, jungle-covered planet located in the Ssi'kaat system within the remote Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster beyond the known galaxy. The jungles of Lwhekk were broken by spired cities which appeared to be quite fragile against the jungle. The planet also had volcanoes and a large part of it appeared to be covered by oceans.

Known locations on Lwhekk included the volcano Mount Skar'lak, the underground Caves of Ss'laath and the Cree'n'aak Palace which served as the residence of His Potency the Shreeftut, the supreme ruler of the Ssi-rruk. The planet's sentient species were the saurian Ssi-ruuk and P'w'eck races. Lwhekk was also home to the fft, small multi-legged lizards which were the main source of food of both Ssi-ruuk and P'w'eck.


The Ssi-ruuvi Imperium had two seats of power; the Conclave, the religious body, and the Elders' Council, the political body. The Conclave and the Elders Council often competed for control of the empire and only the leader of the Imperium could prevent civil war from happening. The leader of the Imperium was known as His Potency the Shreeftut and was the supreme ruler of the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium.

The society of the dominant Ssi-ruuk was divided into a rigid caste system based on skin color. Their caste system comprised five main groups: blue, gold, yellow, red and green. The skin of a Ssi-ruuk represented his political standing. One color dominated each Ssi-ruuk's body and it was forbidden to mate with a different colored Ssi-ruuk.

Blue-scaled Ssi-ruuk were the politicians and leaders of society while gold-scaled individuals served as the religious caste. Yellow-scaled Ssi-ruuk were responsible for the technology used by the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium while red-scaled Ssi-ruuk dominated the Imperium's military. Green-scaled Ssi-ruuk formed the work force of Ssi-ruuvi society.

Below them were brown hued Ssi-ruuk who were the offspring of two Ssi-Ruuvi from two different castes. These were considered outcasts by Ssi-ruuvi society and performed the most menial of jobs. Last of all were the P'w'eck—a related species—which served only as slaves.


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