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The MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle was a single-track, double-wheeled groundcar used by the Imperial Army to scout planetary terrain during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The MTV-7, adaptable in multiple mobile configurations, was operated by a single pilot and armed with a single laser cannon. The Galactic Empire utilized MTV-7s among its ground forces as part of the Imperial invasion of Echo Base, the Rebel Alliance headquarters, during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.


The MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle[1] was a wheeled scouting car utilized by the Imperial Army during the prime years of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to the vehicle's basic upright position, the MTV-7's large double wheels,[2] each featuring grooved surface treading,[3] extended outward from the main body to adopt a low, ground-hugging configuration.[2] Such versatility made the MTV-7 adaptable to many environments, and the vehicle was easier to deploy than the Empire's All Terrain Scout Transport walker.[3] Armed with a single rotating laser cannon, the MTV-7 held room for a single pilot in an open-air cockpit—unlike speeder bikes, the MTV-7 did not require a pilot possessed of suicidal tendencies.[3] A forward-facing, grilled headlight was positioned at the front of the vehicle.


During the Battle of Hoth,[2] the massive Imperial campaign[4] in 3 ABY[5] to crush the Rebel Alliance High Command headquarters of Echo Base on the Outer Rim ice planet Hoth,[6] the Empire utilized at least three MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicles as part of its ground invasion forces. Both snowtroopers and Imperial Army pilots operated the MTV-7s[1] to scout Hoth's hostile terrain.

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