Silhouette, Leader of the American Majestic.

Silhouette, Leader of the American Majestic.

Majestic was an Earth-based and secretive organization,  which appeared as a major antagonist group in Destroy All Humans! and a minor antagonist group in Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War, Not Love

Originally set up as a federal agency in America in the 1950's, under the leadership of Silhouette (advisor to President Huffman), the organization soon spread globally with different 'sectors' appearing in other countries such as France, Mongolia, Argentina and Great Britain among others - although by 1969, only the British Majestic was active. The agencies are close to their central governments and their country's military forces.

In terms of their goals, the American Majestic (known as MJ-12) appears to be studying extraterrestrials with the intention of protecting the public. In reality, however, Silhouette and the organization were seeking world domination by manipulating the government (using President Huffman as a puppet in their plans). Majestic agents also seem to be very anti-communist and atheists (most likely due to the nature of their work).


Roswell was only the beginningEdit

Majestic received possibly their first major call to action in 1959, when a Furon scout ship (flying saucer) attempted to land on top of a missile. However, the missile launched and collided with the saucer - the resulting explosion causing the saucer to crash. As the military surrounded the crashed ship, they witnessed the only inhabitant - Cryptosporidium-136 - crawl from the wreckage.

Crypto 136's crashed ship.

Crypto 136's crashed ship.

Weakened by his injuries, Crypto 136 collapsed and was later taken to a Majestic base called Area 42. There, he was tortured both sadistically and brutally by Silhouette (the leader of the American Majestic) and by President Huffman (who expressed his pleasure at watching Crypto "squeal like a pig" as a result of the torture).

Eventually the torture from Majestic was too much and Crypto 136 died. His body was then dissected while Majestic reverse-engineered the Furon's technology to make new weapons and vehicles for them to use. Learning about the dormant Furon DNA in human minds (which was the result of Furon warriors "cooling their heels" on Earth eons ago following their war with the Martians), Majestic were able to activate the dormant DNA and thus create 'Psy-Mutants'.

The Invasion is onEdit

Battle Lines DrawnEdit


Majestic RevealedEdit

Crypto Declares WarEdit

Unifying the MilitaryEdit

End of Majestic-12Edit

Poison AllianceEdit

The Final Death BlowEdit


Destroy All Humans! - Video Game

Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War, Not Love - Video Game

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