Silhouette, Leader of the American Majestic.

Silhouette, Leader of the American Majestic.

Majestic was an Earth-based and secretive organization, which appeared as a major antagonist group in Destroy All Humans! and a minor antagonist group in Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War, Not Love

Originally set up as a federal agency in America in the 1950's, under the leadership of Silhouette (advisor to President Huffman), the organization soon spread globally with different 'sectors' appearing in other countries such as France, Mongolia, Argentina and Great Britain among others - although by 1969, only the British Majestic was active. The agencies are close to their central governments and their country's military forces.

In terms of their goals, the American Majestic (known as MJ-12) appears to be studying extraterrestrials with the intention of protecting the public. In reality, however, Silhouette and the organization were seeking world domination by manipulating the government (using President Huffman as a puppet in their plans). Majestic agents also seem to be very anti-communist and atheists (most likely due to the nature of their work).


Roswell was only the beginningEdit

Majestic received possibly their first major call to action in 1959, when a Furon scout ship (flying saucer) attempted to land on top of a missile. However, the missile launched and collided with the saucer - the resulting explosion causing the saucer to crash. As the military surrounded the crashed ship, they witnessed the only inhabitant - Cryptosporidium-136 - crawl from the wreckage.

Crypto 136's crashed ship.

Crypto 136's crashed ship.

Weakened by his injuries, Crypto 136 collapsed and was later taken to a Majestic base called Area 42. There, he was tortured both sadistically and brutally by Silhouette (the leader of the American Majestic) and by President Huffman (who expressed his pleasure at watching Crypto "squeal like a pig" as a result of the torture).

Eventually the torture from Majestic was too much and Crypto 136 died. His body was then dissected while Majestic reverse-engineered the Furon's technology to make new weapons and vehicles for them to use. Learning about the dormant Furon DNA in human minds (which was the result of Furon warriors "cooling their heels" on Earth eons ago following their war with the Martians), Majestic were able to activate the dormant DNA and thus create 'Psi-Mutants'.

The Invasion is onEdit

Majestic Agents confirm Crypto's Presence on Earth

Majestic Agents confirm Crypto's Presence on Earth.

Silhouette suspected that the Furons would be back to find/avenge their fallen scout; a suspicion that would come true as Crypto-136's commander Orthopox-13 (known simply as "Pox") informed 136's successor - a hyper-violent clone called Cryptosporidium-137 - of what had happened to his 'brother' and that Crypto-136 had been sent to Earth to harvest the pure Furon DNA in human brains to save the Furon species, as the DNA patterns in their cloning banks were becoming too degraded to keep using. Hearing this, Crypto took over 136's assignment (with the determined notion that he would 'rescue' his brother). The pair first arrived on Earth at a small farm in America - with Crypto destroying it and killing the Farmer, his wife, their friends, a Police patrol and later a military force sent to the farm. Finally, a pair of Majestic agents arrived and surveyed all that Crypto had done before reporting back to base that - as predicted - the Furons had returned and begun their invasion.


A Majestic Agent battles Crypto in Santa Modesta

A Majestic Agent battles Crypto in Santa Modesta

Despite the threat posed by the Furons, Majestic were also instructed to continue their plans to usurp control of the United States. In Santa Modesta, Majestic Agents are charged with broadcasting subliminal messages across television (disguised as propaganda) that will allow them to mind-control humans. However, Crypto and Pox learn for their plans and of Majestic in general before obtaining the details - killing the scientist named Sleepy Ernst (who came up with it) and attempting to use the mind control for themselves; although this fails and ends up overloading several human's heads to the point of exploding. Crypto later recovers the extracted brains that survived the broadcast - despite Majestic's attempts to stop him, which included using EMP Emitters to disable Crypto's weapons and jetpack.

Battle Lines DrawnEdit

A Majestic Agent is subjected to the 'Jumbo Probe'

A Majestic Agent is subjected to the 'Jumbo Probe'

Following the failure of the Television broadcasts, Majestic's scientists begin using chemicals they put in food from several outlets (covering their plan by claiming they are removing harmful toxins implanted by Communists) that causes people to become xenophobic, paranoid and extremely hostile. However, Crypto destroys the outlets (along with a military convoy sent to aid Majestic) and kills the scientists before capturing a Majestic agent to interrogate. When the agent refuses to talk, Crypto uses his Saucer's "Jumbo Probe" to force the agent to reveal another Majestic plan that is to take place in Rockwell (an area that Crypto visited previously).

Crypto destroys the Majestic Base in Santa Modesta

Crypto destroys the Majestic Base in Santa Modesta

In Rockwell, Majestic (this time led directly by Silhouette) have set up a movie that will brainwash the various people into attacking them, under the guise that they are attacking communists. Seeking to stop this, Crypto manages to eliminate the Majestic agent running the spool and replaces it with another brainwashing spool that Pox has created called 'Meet the Furons'. Crypto defends the spool from Majestic agents until the end of the movie - which proves to be a big success. Following this, Crypto returns to Santa Modesta and - at Pox's command - launches a direct attack at Majestic; killing their agents, destroying their Black Sedans and causing around $20,000 worth of damage to the organization before destroying their base at a Santa Modesta Motel.

Majestic RevealedEdit

Following their destruction of Majestic's Santa Modesta base and the destruction they've inflicted on the organization, Pox talks to Crypto about continuing to use television to brainwash humanity and using a human presenter as a puppet for their scheme; suggesting a presenter called Bert Withers. Their conversation is heard by a crackpot, who welcomes them to Earth and tells them that Bert Wither is in hiding. Battling through the turrets and force-fields surrounding Bert's hiding place, Crypto manages to rescue him from Majestic forces and convinces him into working for him and Pox.

Sometime later, Bert returns to the Santa Modesta Community Broadcast Station and begins a broadcast exposing the existence of the Furons - portrayed as friendly aliens who want to befriend all humans - and Majestic. During the broadcast, an Army General named Armquist leads platoons of soldiers, tanks and even soldiers in Power-suit armor to take down the station's communication towers as he believes that it has been overrun by communists. However, Crypto defeats all the opposition and successfully protects the communication towers until the end of the broadcast.

Crypto Declares WarEdit

Following their success in Santa Modesta, Crypto and Pox managed to track Crypto-136's co-ordinates to a desert area filled with soldiers and Majestic agents as they tried to find out what had happened to Crypto 136 (and more importantly, to find out if he was still alive). After successfully locating debris from 136's crashed saucer, Crypto follows the trail and battles his way inside the base; killing soldiers and Majestic agents who stand in his way. Eventually, Crypto reaches the Majestic labs - finding 136's trashed but still mostly intact Saucer and Crypto-136 himself. However, Crypto is too late as he heads to 136 and finds that he is dead on an autopsy table and has been vivsected by Majestic's scientists, with Crypto saluting his deceased brother as he laments the state in which humanity has left him in. Overcome by anger, Crypto 137 openly declares "Okay, monkeys - you want a war? you've got a war!" before destroying both the saucer and 136's body - collecting the datatape the scientists have created based on their findings before escaping.

Unifying the MilitaryEdit

End of Majestic-12Edit

Poison AllianceEdit

The Final Death BlowEdit


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