Over 10 billion years ago, Maltus was the centre of a great civilization of humanoids, now almost forgotten. This civilization's heyday ended when a scientist named Krona conducted experiments of a nature perilous to reality itself. This split the Maltusians into three groups: the Guardians of the Universe, who left for Oa; the Zamarons, who moved to a new world and named it Zamaron; and the Controllers, who left our reality altogether to plan their next move.


Maltus is an extremely overpopulated planet which serves as home to a poverty-stricken humanoid race of unknown origin. While advanced in technology, Maltus suffers from severe problems due to their overpopulation.Green Lantern Vol 2 81 Green Lantern (Volume 2) #81

Maltus has rarely been referred to in DC Comics due to Oa being the main base of operations for the Guardians of the Universe. However, the heritage which comes of its status as the Guardians' former home is probably one of the reasons that Vril Dox II (New Earth) Brainiac 2 located LEGION's headquarters here.

It is also unclear if Maltus or the symbiotes exist in current DC continuity. Neither have been mentioned in DC books for some time. The effects that Infinite Crisis had on the DCU also complicates the origin of the Guardians of the Universe further, seeing as how an updated version of their origin has still not been revealed.

Points Of InterestEdit


Maltus is recorded as having an age of terrible giant beasts prior to the rise of the Maltusians, similar to how humanity's time on Earth was predated by the time of the dinosaurs.


  • Maltus is now so densely populated that contraceptives have to be added to the water supply.R.E.B.E.L.S. Vol 2 3. (Volume 2) #3]]

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