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Maormer TESO
General Information
Other Names Sea Elves
Tropical Elves
Homeworld Nirn
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Elder Scrolls Universe

The Maormer, also known as the "Seal Elves" are a race of Nirn the live on the island kingdom of Pyandonea, far south of the Summerset Isles. After their massive defeat in 3E 110, they has pulled back, and are rarely seen outside their territory.

The Maormer are a pale blue skinned people, with white colorless eyes.

It is said that they possess a powerful "snake magic", and it is believed that they have chameleon-like properties, an involuntary process similar to the Bosmer's skill of blending into the forest.

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