Max Apogee
General Information
Homeworld Markazia
Height To that of a Human
Length To that of a Human
Weight To that of a Human
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank Universe

Markazians are near-human/elf like aliens native to dry arid world of Markazia.


Markazians resemble humans in most respects, with exception of several key factors. Firstly, Markazian skins is pinkish, and often displays purple spots around some parts of the body. In addition to having pink skin, Markazians females have rat-like tails, though male Markazians do not have this feature. Markazians also have long elf-like ears to hear the world around them.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Markazians are known for being terrible dancers.
  • The Markazian language uses 600 characters.