Mars People
General Information
Homeworld Mars
Habitat Mars
Height Unkown
Diet Unknown
Language Martian
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metal Slug/SNK

The Mars People are a cephalopodic race of creatures who live in the underground caverns of Mars, in the Metal Slug Universe.

They had been planning their invasion of Earth for centuries, but were ultimately thwarted.

Biology Edit

Mars People are very similar to Earth cephalopods--they possess a bulbous head, large, black eyes, and a large array of tentacles that appear to be very similar in function to human limbs. Their skin, which is presumably very similar to that of Earth's squids, is most often greyish-green in tone, however females with pink skin have been seen. Their blood has a light green color.

Abilities and Intelligence Edit

Despite their simple biology, Mars People appear to possess intelligence and physical abilities that far surpass those of an average human.

Their bodies are very nimble; they are comprised of a lightweight body coupled with extremely powerful tentacles that allow for high jumping and incredible body contortion. They also possess the ability to cause themselves to explode and re-appear in a different location, as a form of primitive teleportation.

The Mars Peoples' great intelligence has brought them to develop great technology including laser weapons and space travel ships. They have also interacted with humans and have even formed intelligent pacts with them.

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