The Martians are an extinct race native to Mars.


They are similar in appearance to humans, with large elfin ears and domed foreheads. They also have a similar genetic composition to humanity.

Society & HistoryEdit

Their society was similar to that of humanity, they lived primarily in the northern part of mars which once had flowing water. The "face" of mars is not a random geological feature, but the remains of one of the martians chief cities "Rahelion", constructed deliberately to resemble a face in order to communicate with other space-travelling species.

The martians intended to invade earth, the "war of the worlds" what most humans consider a fictional tale is in fact the blueprints for an invasion by the species and the infamous radio broadcast quite possibly set up to gauge the reactions of humanity to an invasion.

The reasoning behind the invasion was simple, they saw earth as a good source of raw materials and food, and as a suitable alternative habitat in the face of a polluted home planet. The martians also considered humans little more than technologically advanced apes.

It will never be known for sure because the martians were driven to extinction soon after, their industry increasing the amount of methane in their atmosphere until it was un-breathable.


  • Recent evidence suggest that some martians may have escaped their dying planet, their location is unknown

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