This is a sapient race of bat-like creatures native to a lush valley somewhere on the planet Mars. They appear like humanoid bats, although their habits are diurnal and their wings aren't built exactly like those of a bat, being more reminiscent of a huge butterfly, but supported by "curved ribs radiating from the body". Their heads are round and their faces are somewhat humanlike. The body is small, and from there protrude two bunches of prehensile tentacles which serve as the creatures' equivalent of hands and feet. The wings are described as silvery and glistening. The buildings that make up their cities have no doors, but rather large circular windows that serve as entrances for their airborne inhabitants.


  • The Crystal Egg, by H. G. Wells (1897)


  • Many authors have speculated that The Crystal Egg takes place in the same universe as The War of the Worlds, by the same author. The appearance of red weed in The Crystal Egg seems to support this, as does the fact that the two works were written at the same time. If this is true, it's possible to assume a relationship between these flying creatures and the other Martian race from that novel.

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