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The Maximals are a faction of Cybertronians and the descendants of the Autobots.
Maximal symbol

Maximal Symbol

Physiology Edit

The Maximals are the modern descendants of the Autobots. Like their ancestors before them they fight the Decepticon descendants known as Predacons. The Maximals like nearly all other Cybertronian lineages can change their alternate conversion to whatever they choose to scan as either fully developed robots or as protoforms; unlike their ancestors wherein they would scan vehicles or other machines to blend in with Human society the Maximals instead scan organic lifeforms. Hence their names they often choose a form that somewhat symbolizes bravery or good such as a gorilla or a tiger and other animals.

It is rare that Maximals take on the forms of reptiles either extant or extinct. As such, their primary forms are usually mammals or birds and sometimes marine animals, the alternate form—in the Maximals' case known as their beast form—has its benefits: it protects the mechanical inner workings from an unrefined radioactive mineral called Energon which only effects machines not organic lifeforms.

Notable MembersEdit


An example of a Maximal.

  • Optimus Primal
  • Ultra Mammoth (Leader of the Wreckers)
  • Rhinox - (Sub-Commander)
  • Rattrap - (Demolitions Expert)
  • Cheetor - (Jungle Patrol Scout)
  • Dinobot - (Combat Specialist)
  • Tigerhawk - (Vok Emissary)
    • Tigatron - (Reconnaissance)
    • Airazor - (Air Reconnaissance)
  • Silverbolt - (Aerial Assault and Reconnaissance)
  • Blackarachnia - (Combat Specialist/Saboteur)
  • Depth Charge - (Water Security Officer)
  • Armordillo - (Desert Combat)
  • B'Boom - (Guerrilla Warfare)
  • Bonecrusher - (Infantry)
  • Claw Jaw - (Underwater Attack)
  • Cybershark - (Tracker)
  • Grimlock - (Attack Trooper)
  • Grizzly-1 - (Warrior)
  • K-9 - (Security Officer)
  • Magnaboss - (Combiner; separates into Maximal Elders)
    • Prowl - (Maximal Elder)
    • Ironhide - (Maximal Elder)
    • Silverbolt (Magnaboss) - (Maximal Elder)
  • Packrat (Thief)
  • Polar Claw - (Infantry Commander)
  • Razorbeast - (Infantry)
  • Snarl - (Covert Attack)
  • Wolfang - (Infantry)
  • Air Hammer - (Aerial Reconnaissance)
  • Bantor - (Jungle Warrior)
  • Noctorro - (Melee Combat)
  • Torca - (Infantry General)
  • Jawbreaker - (Close Combat Specialist)
  • Night Glider - (Intelligence Officer)
  • Optimus Minor - (Infiltration)
  • Prowl II - (Military Strategist)
  • Ramulus - (Scout)
  • Sonar - (Aerial Reconnaissance)
  • Stinkbomb - (Psychological Warfare)
  • Longrack - (Sub-Commander)
  • Cohrada - (Ground Assault)
  • Stampy - (Reconnaissance)
  • Break - (Polar Operative)
  • Heinrad - (Dimensional Warrior)
  • Mach Kick - (Courier)
  • Rockbuster - (Guerrilla Fighter)
  • Randy - (Stormtrooper)
  • Sharp Edge - (Deep Sea Assault)
  • Bump - (Scientist)
  • Survive - (Military Strategist)
  • Maxitroopers - (Maximal Lemur Footsoldiers)
  • Nightscream

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