Megamind's Species are a fictional sapient race of aliens which first appear in DreamWorks' animated film Megamind. They are now mostly extinct and the last, most famous member of them is Megamind himself.


Megamind's Species are a sapient race of blue-skinned humanoids that conjure several similarities with the Greys, particularly the over-sized head typical of that species. Judging from their large heads, it can be assumed they have an equally big brain and are quite intelligent; which is evident in Megamind being able to easily build advanced technology even as an infant. There is also evidence that they are able to retain memories since very early in life, as Megamind clearly remembers his first thoughts and the details of his homeworld's destruction despite being a newborn then. Not much is known about their culture, but they are shown to be greatly technologically advanced and are caring, loving parents. They are also able to grown facial hair, like mustaches, beards and goatees, and also possess eyebrows, but have no hair on their scalps, not even on the females. They are vaguely similar to Gallaxhar's species, both being blue-skinned and large-headed, and are nowadays extinct because their homeworld was sucked by a huge black hole, being destroyed in the progress.

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