Region Aldente Nebula
Suns 1 (purple)
Moons 2
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary terrain Ocean with numerous continents and islands
Native fauna Melmacians, Melmassaurs, Slurfs, Melmacian Cockroaches, Jaffees, Cats
Native flora Carl Shrub
Behind the Scenes
Universe ALF Universe
"Melmac was the name of my planet. It's also what it was made out of"
Gordon Shumway

Prior to its destruction, Melmac was a lush world, teeming with life. The planet appeared to be covered mostly by an ocean, although a number of continents and islands were also present. Melmac was the homeworld of the sapient Melmacian species.

The planet orbited a single purple star and was in turn orbited by two moons. Melmac was composed primarily of a substance also named melmac; the properties of which are unknown. It was recently destroyed by an apocalyptic nuclear war, rendering all life extinct, except for a small few Melmacian survivors. Whether the planet still exists (albeit uninhabitable) or if it was completely destroyed is not known.


Melmac's solar system is located in the Aldente Nebula in the Andromeda Galaxy, six parsecs beyond the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster. The planet's unnamed solar system contains a single, purple star. It is unknown if humans would be able to perceive this star as purple, as our eyes are not well adapted to purple light. It is also unknown how far away from this star the planet's orbit was. Melmac was orbited by two seemingly barren moons (both of which are unnamed): a larger, orange moon and a smaller, green moon. A large number of small asteroids also orbited the planet, although they were not numerous enough to constitute a ring system, and they appeared to simply orbit the planet at random.


Little is known of Melmac's geography. From space it appeared to be covered by a vast blue ocean of water, with a number of small continents and archipelagoes. It seems that the planet was too warm to have polar ice caps, hinting that the planet may have been warmer than Earth. It is known that the planet was smaller than Earth, implying a smaller gravitational pull. Melmac had a green sky, in contrast to Earth's blue sky. It shares the same white clouds, however. As Melmacians are capable of breathing Earth's atmosphere, it is likely that it had a similar atmospheric composition. The planet is composed of the substance melmac (the properties of which are unknown). Gold and platinum are very common on Melmac, so common in fact that the Melmacians use these elements in the construction of toilets and pipes. Vast areas of Melmac were likely covered by vegetation. In another contrast with Earth, Melmacian grass was blue. It is unknown if other Melmacian plants followed this scheme, although it is likely.


Melmac was home to an incredible array of plants and animals, most notably the sapient Melmacian species, although there is some doubt as to whether or not they are truly native to the planet. Melmac and Earth are both known to be home to cats, cockroaches, grass and trees, which implies that the two planets are actually quite similar. Seafood is a delicacy to Melmacians, suggesting that there must be a thriving undersea ecosystem.



Main article: Melmacian


Many years before the Melmacians existed on Melmac, the planet was roamed by huge animals named melmassaurs, which were apparently dinosaur-like creatures. It is unknown if they still exist or not.

Reference is made to a person by the name of Harold Twink, who purportedly discovered the planet Melmac by accident after taking a wrong turn for Neptune 23,000 years ago. If Harold was a Melmacian, this casts doubt on the Melmacian species actually originating on the planet.

The Melmacians have long known of the Sol System and have explored it thoroughly. It is not known why they never attempted to contact the humans on Earth, but perhaps they considered them too primitive at that point.

Little is known of the planet's history until the catastrophic nuclear war, and even the reason for the war is not known. There were very few survivors, and those people fled to possible refuges elsewhere in the universe. One of these survivors, Gordon Shumway (a.k.a. ALF) eventually crashed in the garage of the middle-class Tanner family, who lived in the suburbs of the city of Los Angeles on Earth.


  • The name is a joke reference to the Melmac brand of dinnerware made popular in the 1950s.



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