Melmacian Cockroach
General Information
Homeworld Melmac
Height "That depends. Do you measure the shoulders or the head?"
Diet Omnivorous (presumed)
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe ALF Universe
"Brian: Look it has blue eyes?
ALF: Naturally, it is a cockroach.
―Brian Tanner and Gordon "ALF" Shumway

The Melmacian Cockroach is a blue-eyed, non-sapient insectoid commonly found on planet Melmac. Although naturally tiny, they can grow to the size of a Human, or even bigger, when exposed to certain earthly chemicals, including insecticide.

After Melmac was destroyed, a Melmacian Roach, named Rodney by ALF and Brian, escaped to Earth in ALF's spaceship and became huge and aggressive after the Tanners' attempts to kill it. Eventually, ALF discovers a substance that is lethal to the Cockroach: perfume.

Since Melmac no longer exists, it's possible that Rodney was the last member of his species, meaning the Melmacian Cockroaches are now extinct.


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