Melody (Harmonic Nebula in the 4Kids version) is the home realm of Musa and Princess Galatea. It is the realm of music, for which many of the inhabitants are naturally inclined toward more than other people in the entire Magic Dimension. The inhabitants of Melody include Ho-Boe (Musa's father), Matlin (Musa's mother) and Diletta.


Melody is full of mountains, which are surrounded by forests with reddish leaf trees.

There is an ocean near Musa's home, in which are the Ocean Gate between Melody and Andros as well as the Ruby Reef. The Ruby Reef is filled with beautiful corals as well as a giant enchanted harp, created from corals which make beautiful music.


The King of Melody appears to be an obese man and his clothing is similar to Chinese clothes. He is the father of Princess Galatea. He and his daughter are present at Domino, attending the Sovereign's Council.


  • Song Wharf - It is a port from which the summer house of Musa is nearby. Not far from it is where the Singing Whales live and sing their songs on Singing Whales' Day.
    Song Wharf
  • Ruby Reef - It is a reef near Melody's ocean gate and at the west of Song Wharf, which is made of red corals.
  • Coral Harp - It is a harp-like coral found in the Ruby Reef, which can be played whenever its strings are plucked.
  • Golden Auditorium - It is the most prestigious school for students interested in music. The whole history of music is in there. It also has unique musical instruments
    Singing Whales
    . Deep underground the school is the Pandemonium Cave.
  • Pandemonium Cave - It is a legendary place and an elaborate system of caves deep underground the school. The Pandemonium Sprites are said to reside in it.


  • The majority of citizens from Melody have features similar to people from East Asia on Earth.
  • Melody's architecture is very similar to traditional Chinese architecture.

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