The Meris were a race native to the planet Merisee, in the Elrood Sector, the Meri were blue-skinned mammalian humanoids with webbed hands and a prominent brow ridge. They were highly dextrous, and were graceful and coordinated in all movements. The Meri descended from a race of warriors, living on their own continent and separated from the Teltiors. During the period of history known as "The Joining," the two continents were joined by a finger of mountains, and the two races were able to discover each other. However, instead of friendship, the Meris offered the Teltiors war, and the two races battled for a thousand years before Merisee was discovered by the Old Republic. Realizing that their own struggle was nothing compared to the galactic struggle, the Meri and the Teltiors eventually united to form a single group called the Loag. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, they had become a peaceful people who preferred farming and healing over fighting. They developed a society in which they co-existed peacefully with the Teltiors. They also seem to have an innate ability to predict the weather.

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