General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Body Type Humanoid Salamander
Locomotion Bipedal/Quadrupedal
Lifespan Estimated 150-180 years
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Merlinisapiens are chameleon-like aliens from unknown planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Merlinisapiens resemble mottled purple salamanders, but are larger and sometimes walk on two legs. They have three triangular eyes. They have slender limbs with three toes on their back feet and four fingers, as well as wide mouths. A retractable stinger is concealed within their tails.

Male Merlinisapiens have one red, one green and one blue eye while females have one yellow, one magenta and one cyan. Albedo as ChamAlien is an exception, his eyes are all red.

Female Merlinisapiens are more humanoid than males, and one female specimen, Subdora, was shown to have breasts (these are human/mammalian traits), implying that they are more mammalian than reptilian/amphibious.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Merlinisapiens are able to blend with their surroundings, although they cannot replicate bright light conditions, so shadows remain visible.

Merlinisapiens are extremely agile and flexible.

Merlinisapiens possess a tail with stinger and are very slippery.

Subdora was shown to have sharp teeth, able to rip apart Exo-Skull's armor and able to hurt him with sharp claws.

Their differently colored eyes allow Merlinisapiens to see other Merlinisapiens when they are invisible.

They are shown to also have super human strength, but not on a high level like Tetramands.

They may have a longer lifespan than humans because the Merlinisapien called Prisoner 775 said he was a husband and father and being a father makes you about 30–40 years old depending on the child and he was locked in Area 51 for 40–50 years so that might make him about 70–90 years old and the fact that he can easily fight Ben's team at this age is that Merlinisapiens might die at an estimate of 150–180 years (though given their unique alien physiology, this is entirely unknown).


Despite being able to appear invisible, a Merlinisapien's shadow is still visible.

Like all living beings, Merlinisapiens can be sensed via mana.

When Prisoner 775 punched someone, he briefly went out of his camouflaged state, it's unknown if this is a common weakness though.

Due to their eyes, Merlinisapiens are unable to appear invisible to other Merlinisapiens.

Notes Edit

  • Male Merlinisapiens' red, green, and blue eyes represent the RGB color model and females' cyan, magenta, and yellow eyes represent the CMYK color model.
  • Merlinisapiens are in set 5 of Ben's playlist.
  • No off worlders know what the Merlinisapien home planet looks like since it is impossible to find.

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