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Methane is a simple organic substance commonly found in the atmosphere of many different worlds across the universe. The simplest of hydrocarbons, a molecule of methane is composed of one carbon atom linked to four hydrogen atoms. On Earth-like planets, methane is a lighter-than-air gas and its presence contributes to the greenhouse effect. Many microorganisms are able to produce methane through a form of anaerobic respiration known as methanogenesis. On cold worlds like Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, the compound is found in the liquid state, forming methane lakes and ponds.

In science fictionEdit

  • Eosapiens and other flying creatures of Darwin IV use methane-filled gas bladders to stay floating.
  • Methane is used as a biochemical solvent by some species, such as Mesklinites.
  • Numerous species through the universe are known to breathe methane.

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