General Information
Homeworld Methanos
Habitat Swamps
Height 7 feet tall
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Herbivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Methanosians are a floral sapient species from the swamp planet Methanos.

Homeworld Edit

Methanos is described as a swamp planet that has an atmosphere that is toxic to most life forms. Methanos also has large underground deposits of methane gas that sometimes escape and create geysers of flame that to jumps up to twenty feet into the air.

Evolution Edit

Methanosians are descended from carnivorous swamp plants, but at some point in their evolution Methanosians evolved into herbivores. Breaking down rotting plant matter in their pitcher plant-like stomachs to produce the flammable gas methane which they used for their fire attacks.  They are strong enough to push down a large Highbreed weather tower.

Ultimatrix Evolution Edit

Using the Ultimatrix evolutionary feature Methanosians change to bulky whit brown color and a big blue head.they gain the Ability to use blue jet like fire.

Notes Edit

  • Methanosians have a swampy stench, due to coming from a swamp planet. 
  • The image you see that is not in the gallery is actually that of a juvenile Methanosian. 
  • They can reattach and even regenrate missing body parts.
  • Methanosians don't have noses, so their voices are very stuffy.


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