The Migar System - also known as the Migar Federation - is a solar system which has six planets: Cirron, Varda, Orsus, Nodul, Enix and Desseria. The system also has at least one moon, where SAR TOP prison is located.

The system is seemingly controlled by a ruling council (known as the Migar Council), that deals with dangerous criminals and potential threats among other things. However, for the most part, it appears as though each planet's civilizations make their own rules with the Migar Council simply adding others they must adhere to.

Cole/Daggon mentions the Migar system to Mel several times as well as his own world. Most notably, he talked about the Council's attempts in the past to stop the Vardians from using an ancient and deadly weapon known as the Strada Brac (Universal Annihilator).

The system itself is never seen in the series, although what is believed to be Cole/Daggon's home-world Cirron appears in the opening credits.


Tracker (TV Series)

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