Milton's Drunken Fussock
General Information
Homeworld Venus
Habitat Venusian lowlands
Height 0,9-1,5m (3-5ft)
Locomotion Quadruped
Diet omnivorous
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dr. Grordbort's Universe

Milton's Drunken Fussock is a species of Venusian animal. Lord Cockswain describes it as "a mix of one part Hyena, one part sub-Saharan Warthog and ten parts piss-drunk football hooligan who’s taken a blow to the cranium while falling down the stairs."

Cockswain Fussock

Lord Cockswain poses with the carcass of a Fussock he has killed

The Fussock is not a very good hunter and mostly scavenges the kills of other predators. It is able to digest nearly everything and even feeds on meat that is to decomposed to be of any interest to other animals.


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