180px-Lal, Vian
The Minarans are a humanoid species native to the Minarian star system, prior to Minara's supernova in 2268. There are two known Minaran species - empathic Minaran and Vians.

Empathic Minarans are a peaceful, pre-spacefaring species from one of the planets in the Minaran system. They are mute; however, the lack of vocal cords is not a disability, but is physiologically normal for their race. They are not only able to sense the emotions of others, as Betazoids can, but appear to have an innate desire to help others. They possess the ability to absorb pain from another person and to heal injuries. Identical wounds then appear on the Minaran, and he or she is able to dissipate the absorbed injuries through their own body. Minarans are capable of adapting after contact with other species; if exposed to passion and bravery, they will become passionate and brave. It is not known, however, exactly how empathic Minarans communicate. (TOS: "The Empath")

The second species, the Vians, is a telepathic, technologically advanced race with enlarged cranial cavities and purplish skin that inhabit the Minarian star system, and who are capable of injuring their subjects by magnifying the power of their own thoughts. The Vians used the crew of the USS Enterprise as subjects to test the worthiness of an empathic Minarans, dubbed by McCoy as "Gem", for survival in a threatened star system. (TOS: "The Empath", "Turnabout Intruder")

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