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The Ming Po were a species native to the Outer Rim planet Carlac.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Ming Po shared many physical traits with baseline Humans, sharing the same facial structure and features, as well as having two legs, and two arms with five-fingered hands.

Society and cultureEdit

The Ming Po were a peaceful and easily trusting people. They lived in simple villages on their snow-covered homeworld.


Around 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla and his marauding Death Watch soldiers chose Carlac as their base of operations. They set up a rudimentary tent camp near a Ming Po village overseen by Chieftain Pieter. The Mandalorians raided the village for supplies, subjugated the townspeople and kidnapped the women of the village, including the chieftain's granddaughter, Tryla, to be servants in their camp.

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