Minions are bipedal creatures about 2 or 3 feet tall. There are four types of minions

Browns, they have a tanish color skin with long, floppy, and pointy ears. They appear sapient showing emotions(mainly fear and greed.) and are capable of basic English, as do all minions. Browns have skeletal noses large yellow eyes and a mouth full of fangs.

Reds, Reds appear demon-like with ram horns, red skin, claws, and a pointed tail. Reds also have eyes mouths and nose of a brown minion. Reds are capable of consuming fire and storing the energy in their bodies and release the energy in the form of fireballs.

Greens, Greens are minions that, as the name suggests, have dark green skin. They are immune to most known poisons, but as a result emit a foul Oder. Greens often wear steel blades which complement their stealthy abilities. Greens are able to leap long distances and change the color of their skin like a chameleon. Greens have the ears and nose of a brown but with an underbite and larger bottom canines.

Blues, the last, and most mysterious of the minions, blues are linked to dark magic. While browns are mammalian and reds and greens are reptiles blues are amphibious making them the only minions to not drown in deep water. They are skilled in magic and can kill supernatrual creatures and even resurrect dead minions. Blues have frills on their chins and the sides of their heads. They have the nose, mouth, and eyes of a brown.

The OverlordEdit

The Overlord is a human sized creature in a suit of armor, he is mainly portrayed as very evil. He seems to command the minions through a gem in his gauntlet.


There is very little known about the minions Homeworld is known it seems to be an alternate version of Earth.


  • The minions appear in four games, Overlord, Overlord II, Overlord raising hell, and Overlord Dark Legend.
  • Although there are four types of minions, there may be a "Grey" minion as Gnarl, the Overlords adviser, has grey skin, although this may just be an effect of ageing.

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