This is a list of all minor human characters from the Star Control Universe. Most of these characters are fictional humans that exist in a parallel future dimension to our own version of planet Earth.

Ivana Or-KachovEdit

Ivana Or-Kachov was the High Provost, Earth's highest ranking diplomat, in the early 22nd century at the time of its entry into the Alliance of Free Stars during part of the Ur-Quan Slave War (2095-2134). When the Chenjesu made first contact with Humans, she and Star Control General Juan O'Reilly met in person with the Chenjesu envoys aboard the Earth Cruiser SpaceDuster. She assumed the role of Assistant Undersecretary of Space in the Alliance's General Staff, as established by the Alliance Treaty, and occupied a place in the Supreme Council of the Alliance.


Jeffry L. Rand was the Human captain that made first contact with the VUX at some time during the Ur-Quan Slave War. Previously unknown to any species but the Yehat, Rand's objective was to make a favorable impression on the VUX in order to secure their allegiance into the Alliance of Free Stars. There are apparently differing reports as to the identity Rand's starship and other details of the encounter. One account, admittedly hazy, attributes first contact to the starship Far Voyager, under the command of Captain Rand near Beta Mira in 2119.1 Another account states that the Earthling Cruiser Miwok, captained by Rand, made the botched first contact in 2126 near the VUX home star system.2

Before even introducing himself on behalf of the human race, Rand made a fatal diplomatic blunder when he blurted an insulting remark to his lieutenant regarding the appearance of the VUX captain who had just appeared on the com-screen. Not knowing that the VUX had translated every word and that they were (and still are) an extremely vain race, all diplomatic relations were immediately severed before any ties were even sewn.

Needless to say, Rand's seemingly small affront cost the Alliance a valuable ally and gained them an adversary bitter to this very day. However, there are also reports that seem to indicate that the insult is just used as a pretext and that the VUX are actually compelled to fight the humans because they disgust them more than words can express (and therefore they have to use weapons).

Notes and referencesEdit

1Conversation with Earth Starbase Commander Hayes
2Star Control II manual, pg. 68 (PC) or pg. 34 (3DO)

Juan O'ReillyEdit

Juan O'Reilly was the General of Star Control at the time of the Humans' entry in the Alliance of Free Stars. C.2110s Decade. When the Chenjesu made first contact with Humans.  General Juan O'Reilly and High Provost Ivana Or-Kachov met in person with the Chenjesu envoys aboard the Earth Cruiser SpaceDuster. He assumed the role of High Commander for the Earth Planetary Region in the Alliance's General Staff, as established by the Alliance Treaty, and occupied a place in the Supreme Council of the Alliance.

Hsien HoEdit

Hsien Ho was a Human bio-technologist and genetic researcher. Just following the Small War of 2015 there was a giant boom in the Bio-Tech sector. Mr. Ho is credited with the creation of the Androsynth in 2019 while working at Switzerland's Zurich BioTeknik research facility and is responsible for modifying their genome in a way that made it impossible for them to reproduce naturally. Eventually in 2085 the Androsynth leave the Earth and eventually travel to the Vulpeculae constellation.

Jason MacbrideEdit

Jason MacBride was a former used car salesman that has been credited as the founder of the Homo Deus cult, otherwise known as the "Godly Men." MacBride was able to amass great wealth and power by claiming that the Millennium was near - that on March 11, 2046, Heaven and Earth would join, and all of the "faithful" (presumably those that obey MacBride) would be elevated to "divine status." Whether that meant they would be as living gods, or something else, is not known. In the aftermath of the Small War, MacBride was able to recruit millions of poor, disillusioned, and impressionable followers.

MacBride and his "Godly Men" were also responsible for the Androsynth descending into pseudo-slavery. In fact, the nomenclature "Androsynth" was coined by MacBride himself, and was meant to mean (Man- Synthetic) or what he called "false men."

Predictably, the prophesied Millennium date came and went without any events of historical note. Having been proven wrong, MacBride's power and fortunes quickly collapsed beneath him, and he spent the rest of his life in obscurity. He would later blame the failed prophecy on a "lack of genuinely devout people."


I. Burton was the Captain of the Earthling Cruiser Tobermoon during the final years of the Ur-Quan Slave War. It was her decision to disobey the order to evacuate the Vela scientific expedition on Unzervalt and to not destroy the Precursor base there. She ordered her First Officer and fiancé, Commander Chi, to return to Earth on the Tobermoon to inform Star Control of her decision.

Twenty years later, on her return trip to Earth as Captain of The Flagship, the Tobermoon was discovered drifting derelict in Vela's Oort cloud. No remains of the crew nor of First Officer Chi were found. Burton resumed command of the Tobermoon and placed The Captain in command of The Flagship. She was killed in an attack by a Slylandro Probe before the Tobermoon and The Flagship reached Earth in early 2155. 


Chi was the first Officer of the Earthling Cruiser Tobermoon, second-in-command to Captain I. Burton back in the 2150s. He was also Burton's fiancé. After Captain Burton decided to disobey the order to evacuate the Vela scientific expedition and destroy the Precursor base, Chi was ordered to return to Earth with the Tobermoon to inform Star Control of Burton's decision.

On Captain Burton's return trip to Earth, the Tobermoon was discovered drifting derelict in Vela's Oort cloud. No remains of the crew nor of First Officer Chi were found.


Gatzschmann was a geologist on Captain Zelnicks ship the Chmmr Flagship during his second voyages in the 2160s. He was known for being the geologist that explored the ruins on Gamma Janus II that are also in Yehat space.. Its speculated by star control Game lore experts that the Precursor Mark 2 ship might have been located at this site on Gamma Janus II. Although its not been confirmed if it is the Mark 2 ship it is known that the ruins on Gamma Janus II were indeed precursor in origin. It is known that the Melnorme have not discovered these ruins and they are worth 100 credits or information which is usally sold for 75 credits to the Melnorme.
Ruins on Gamma Janus II

In this picture its indicating the exsitance of a Human character named Gatzschmann.


Science Officer Bukowski is sent to investigate the ruins of the Androsynth on Eta Vulpeculae II. Having located an intact science center, he locks himself inside of the computer control cabin and begins investigating the logs. In the process, he grows gradually delirious, and begins ranting about the existence of "Them" — sinister extradimensional beings who could be alerted by simply knowing about them. After he severely damages the computers in the room in order to prevent anyone from finding out what he has learned, a badly injured Bukowski is relieved by Ensign Hawthorne. Interestingly, while writing the report, Hawthorne observes that Bukowski's cuts are now inexplicably worse than when he got him out of the control cabin; whether this is related to "Them" or is just the effect of Hawthorne being overexcited is unknown. Bukowski presumably recovers from his experience, as the number of crew members aboard the ship is unaffected.

The Unfortunate EightEdit

The Unfortunate Eight were a group of 8 human characters that were members of The Captain's crew on the lander sent to investigate Captain Fwiffo's starship "the Star runner" on Pluto back in the 2150s CE, but most likely in the year 2155, They were all killed when the craft fired upon the lander there names were Kowalski, Fritz, Chin, O'Donnell, Luigi , and the Liebermann triplets.

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