Minor spacecraft are the spacecraft in the Star Control universe that do not get featured in game combat and are not part of the 30 to 31 playable ships depending on which version of the game, in the full game. Although of this 30 to 31 the Foon-Foon ship and the Baul ship ,and a few other entries are still missing.

Ur-Quan Scout shipEdit

Ur-Quan Scout ships are the un-seen ships of the Ur-Quan fleet. they made a few discoveries over the years the Dnyarri on the planet Gilandy in the year 20,000 BCE then the Earthlings in 1940 CE, and then the Thradash in 2095 CE. 

Shofixti Comunications satiliteEdit

The Shofixti have some kind of Comunications satilitle orbiting New Kyabetsu by the year 2165 and than at least lasting until April of 2169 when it is destroyed along with The character Hiruku by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah.

Earthling Cargo and Trade shipsEdit

Earthling Cargo and Trade ships can be heard about by the year 2165 to 2169 when talking to Earthling Crusier Captains. The Cargo ships are just Freighter ships with cargo not for sale, and the Trade ships are Freighter ships with cargo for sale hense the name Trade ships. Almost nothing is known about these kinds of ships but it is known that at some point prior to 2165 there was a convoy of Cargo ships that was lost while on route to the Corvi constellation to meet the Slylandro that was destroyed by unknown forces in the Tauri constellation which was the location of the former Ilwrath. This incident of a Lost Cargo ship convoy has the Earthling cruiser captains in the Solar System on high alert making them think that the Ilwrath have returned, although Commander Hayes states that these are just rumors and that the Earthling crusiers later on and went on a expedition scaning every major world in the Tauri constellation and came up with nothing of note. The most likely explanation for the missing cargo ship convoy is that it was destroyed by a rouge group of Vux ships under the command of the space pirate DAX. Its thought this due to what the Crusier captain's said - "The ships appeared out of no-where in a full frontal attack" although this does match the discription of a Ilwrath attack it also matches the discription of a typical VUX ship attack. VUX ships will typically spawn right next to there victims in combat as if using a Ilwrath cloaking device. The only other expanation for the missing convoy is that it was destroyed by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, but this expanation is usally rejected by the game player due to being way too simple of a explanation and not mysterious enough to fit the style of the game.

Keel-Verezy shipsEdit

Keel-Verezy ships are ships that the Keel-Verezy race uses, they typically are found in the Alpha Centauri system where the Melnorme trading point nexus can be located. These ships cant be seen by the Captain and crew of the S.S. Discovery they dont contain weapons, its thought that Keel-verezy use a colision tactic in order to destroy there victims, There ships are also shaped like Arilou Skiffs having a saucer shape but much larger but yet still some how invisible due to a cloaking device technology of some kind.

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