Mr. Cheeks
Mister Cheeks
Universe Kid vs Kat Universe
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Fur color Tan
Eye color Black
Homeworld Unknown
Affiliation Unknown

Mister Cheeks is an evil, extraterrestrial hamster-like being from an unknown homeworld and species that has a desire to take over the planet Earth - his plan being to turn the world into a massive "hamster" ball. He is a known sociopath, having tried to destroy Millie simply because when she's at school she pets his head backwards, much to Mr. Cheeks' discomfort. Unlike Kat, Mr. Cheek's only power is the ability to speak human language, although he has superior technology in comparison to that used by the Catnipians. His assistance is a chicken named Cacciatore.

He appears again later, only to become enemies with Coop, after being hit with a golf ball sending him into the black hole he had created, in which doing so inadvertently saves Kat. He also appear a third time to lure the Burtonburgers so he can destroy them but was defeated and last seen being carried off by an eagle. He apparently escapes these talons of death however, as he becomes a prisoner on Kat Nebula but escapes thanks to Kat's girlfriend.

Knowing what Mr. Cheeks does, his reasons for doing so are not currently fully understood. It is possible that Mr. Cheeks might be working on a revenge weapon to destroy Kat's planet by blasting it to oblivion, which he explained to Coop, Millie, Dennis and Fiona.


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