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Mister Kat

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Mister Kat
Biography Information
Alias Mister Cat, Agent 27B
Homeworld Catnip
Species Catnipian (cyborg)
Gender Unknown (possibly male or asexual)
Height 9–10 inches (23–25 centimeters)
Length 18.1 inches (46 centimeters)
Diet Carnivore, with some minor herbivorous tendencies
  • Future Frieza (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Chilled (ancestor)
  • Cold (father)
  • Cooler (brother)
  • Kuriza (son)
  • Cell (modified clone)
  • Occupation Secret agent
    Behind the Scenes
    Universe Kid vs. Kat Universe

    Codename: Agent 27B, known on Earth as Mister Kat, is an evil, presumably mad scientist from catnip who has a tremendous similarity to a typical Sphynx cat. His claws appear to be made of some type of stronger-than-steel metal. Despite being a rocket scientist with an obviously tremendous intelligence quotient, he is not particularly creative when it comes to plans on defeating his rival, Cooper "Coop" Burtonburger.

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