The Mmrnmhrm (pronounced as /ˈmɵːnimhɵm/? by Commander Hayes) were mechanical beings that were churned out of the huge Mother-Ark about a millennium ago on some moon in the Virginis constellation. The origin and purpose of the Mother-Ark which created the millions of sentient machines are unknown. Each Mmrnmhrm was created with an innate knowledge and purpose, though none have ever revealed what that purpose may be. Some human military commanders, including Commander Hayes, believe that the Mmrnmhrm were the first stage in a colonization effort by a distant, technologically proficient alien culture, which would follow and colonize the planets within the Mmrnmhrm sphere of influence. The Mmrnmhrm language is composed primarily of consonants, though it also contains a small number of vowels (at least their names).1

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