Biography Information
True Identity Lar Gand
Alias John Kent
Homeworld Daxam
Species Daxamite
Gender Male
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, hearing, longevity, stamina, intelligence, Invulnerability, Flight, Freezing breath, Multiple extrasensory and vision powers, Healing factor
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe
Created by Jerry Siegel; Joe Shuster
Performed by Various


Lar Gand (Mon-EL) is originated from Daxam, planet which was once colonized by lost group of eight hundred Kryptonians  military who to not return to Krypton, where they had a unification mixed with indigenous tribe of the planet, this tribe avoided places that had lead, fatal stuff for them, this mixture of two races, originated the Daxamites, descendants of the Kryptonians.

Lar Gand was a rebel against the xenophobic government white triangle in Daxam which forbade contacts with outside races, dominated by a religious group called "eradicators" white triangle founders. Lar Gand was a great admirer of the rebel against the white triangle "Zax Vane", which managed to escape Daxam, and remained living in Krypton. Lar Gand invaded the space communication systems of the white triangle, and discovers that Krypton was destroyed, and the only survivor escaped to the earth, recording the coordinates of the ship Kryptonian to earth. Van-JO his friend sacrificed his life saving Lar Gand against eradicators to sabotage a cloaked ship of his father, taken by the white triangle, managing to escape to the earth. Upon entering the earth's atmosphere, the ship defective landing and impinges on the ground near the Kent farm, Lar Gand temporarily loses his memory, Clark Kent teenager finds it, adding a fictitious name, Mon-El, to find that he has the same powers. In the barn, Mon-EL exposed by lead, starting to die gradually, Clark saves Mon-El, launching straight into the phantom zone arrested for twelve years. When the Legion of super heroes return visit the superman in the fortress of the solitude, Superman submit Mon-El to the legion, Brainiac 5 used to cure deadly lead extracting the chemical of anti-kryptonite (piece of Argo City in a meteorite) for Mon-El, leaving the phantom zone following along with the legion to 31 century, avoiding the persecution of eradicators of Daxam, Mon-El becomes part of the legionaries.

In Earth 2, in a parallel universe, a amended version  of the Mon-EL called "Halk Kar" Survivor distant planet Thoron, a former colony of separatist Kryptonian that expanded in large cities, which was part of the same sun of Krypton system Rao, the shock wave from the explosion of Krypton destroyed Thoron, decreasing the survival of the planet in ruins, Halk Kar visited the world of Krypton shortly before its destruction where met Kryptonian scientist Jor-L on his homeward trip, his rocket was knocked off course when Krypton exploded. Halk Kar eventually came to Earth where he met Superman. The two initially believed they were brothers. Eventually Halk Kar returned to doomed planet Thoron for die, but he remains a close brother like relationship to Superman.

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