The Moneans are a sapient, formerly nomadic humanoid species inhabitant of the Delta Quadrant region of the Milky Way Galaxy. Around the 21st century they migrated to an artificially created oceanic world which had been long abandoned by its creators, who had placed a sophisticated containment field to keep the spherical mass of liquid water intact. The Monean refer to their newly found home simply as "The Waters" and live in underwater cities despite not being an aquatic species, as it confers them protection and great supplies of oxygen which they extract from the ocean. Their current governing body is known as the Monean Maritime Sovereignty, and infamously known for its bureaucracy and tendency to take years to reach a unanimous decision even on urgent subjects, if at all. Since they lack technology to penetrate the pressures under a hundred kilometers (in an ocean world about twelve hundred kilometers in diameter), Moneans know nothing about the abyssal region of the Waters.

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