The Monsoon Jungle is a region on Planet and one of Planet's major landmarks. It is a sector densely populated by Planet's native plantforms, as well as where native plants are most abundant (excluding the Xenofungus, of course).


The Monsoon Jungle is a natural wonder of Planet's ecosystem. Native plants, generally speaking, are not at all complex compared to the jungle, ranging from carpets of lichen to the occasional shrub or small tree. The Monsoon Jungle, however, contains massive trees, and an even greater number of native animals, such as the Razorbeak and the ravenous Mind Worm Boils which bred from the fungal blooms within the jungle.

Strategic AdvantageEdit

Due to the abundance of plantforms, coupled with the jungle's amazing humidity, this area is perfect for a base dedicated to Nutrient Production (Farming). Farms built on Jungle Tiles yield ample crops, which can help the base working the jungle farms grow, as well as help famine-stricken bases with relief supplies. If sufficient "Centauri Technologies" (Centauri Ecology, Centauri Empathy, etc.) have been researched, Fungus tiles in the jungle can grant an extra bonus to food production.

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