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The Monstars are humanoid muscular aliens who wear basketball uniforms and sneakers. They feature in Space Jam.



Pound, who stole Charles Barkley's talent is the leader of the Monstars, he is orange and pudgy. He is bossy, mean spirited and demanding, and he speaks in a very deep voice. He takes pleasure in bullying Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes.

Bang, who stole Patrick Ewing's talent is the second in command of the Monstars, he is green, tough and aggressive. He has a large chin, small dragon-like ears, spikes on his back and a red orange flat top. He speaks in a deep growling voice. He has the ability to breathe fire. He enjoys insulting Michael Jordan and picking on the Looney Tunes.

Bupkus, who stole Larry Johnson's talent is the purple emotional and cocky monstar. He has dark purple hair, he is emotional and very cocky. He speaks in a deep suave voice. He enjoys mocking Michael Jordan and hurting the Looney Tunes.

Blanko, who stole Shawn Bradley's talent is the tall blue dimwitted and laid-back monstar. He has dark blue hair, pointy ears, and a buck tooth, he is dimwitted and more laid-back than his teammates. He speaks in a thick californian accent. He is friendly to Michael Jordan and Tweety.

Nawt, who stole Muggsy Bogues's talent is the short red smart monstar. He speaks in a high voice. He has a hard time spelling the word monstar.


After stealing the talents of 5 star NBA players and transforming they start to look tall and muscular and their high voices become deep and ominous. They have five fingers like humans. They started to act like bullies around the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan upon meeting him by calling him names and making him into a basketball and slam dunked him. Later at the basketball game the Monstars start to cheat and use physical violence to get their hands on the ball so they can win. Later after they lost the game the Monstars got tired of being mistreated by their boss Mr Swackhammer they stuff him in a rocket sending him to the moon, then they have a change of heart around Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes. The Monstars reluctantly return the stolen talent which reverts them back into Nerdlucks.

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