"Creatures on the moon. Monsters fall to earth at regular intervals. This phenomenon is called the Lunar Cry. The monsters bred on the planet since the last Lunar Cry to make up those roaming the planet at this time. The Lunar Cry phenomenon also transformed some animals into monsters."
―FFVIII Info Corner.
General Information
Homeworld Moon, Earth (adopted)
Habitat Varies
Height Varies
Length Varies
Weight Varies
Locomotion Varies
Diet Varies
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Subspecies/Races See link
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Final Fantasy Universe

Monsters are lunatic creatures in Final Fantasy VIII.

Monsters vary greatly in their appearance and abilities, but all have a notable hostility towards humans and other Earth natives.

Lunar Cry Edit

At certain intervals when the Moon and the planet align perfectly and the Moon has reached saturation point with monsters, the great quantities of the creatures fall onto Earth's surface in a phenomenon known as the Lunar Cry.

It is also possible to induce Lunar Cry artificially with the Crystal Pillar within the Lunatic Pandora. Lunar Cry is known to mutate native wildlife into monsters as well, but although this is mentioned in the game, this phenomenon is not specifically shown, although it appears there is a soldier in Esthar City who transforms into an Elnoyle, suggesting humans are not immune to this phenomenon.

Domestication Edit

Some monsters appear to be commanded by the Galbadian army, but the origin of these monsters is not more specifically explained. The monsters residing in the Balamb Garden Training Center are also shown to be commanded by the Garden Faculty during one scene.

Guardian Forces could be classified as a type of monster, but they are different in that they exist as embodiments of powerful energy fields. If a person is to make use of this energy field in the form of the Junction System the Guardian Force loses its physical existence only to manifest at the summoner's command for a brief period of time. Some Guardian Forces appear sentient able to communicate with the player characters.

Ultimecia has employed a number of monsters to guard her castle, and at least one of them is said to be a former Guardian Force.

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