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Monster X

Monster X.

Monster X is an extraterrestrial daikaiju that appeared in the 2004 movie, Godzilla Final Wars. He is a member of the Ghidorah family and Godzilla's final opponent.

When the Xilien's leader - known as "X" - learns about Godzilla and the power the creature possesses after the Monster King battles and seemingly kills Gigan by blasting off its head, X summons Monster X to Earth - with the creature concealed inside an asteroid and under the Xilien's control.

Monster X is shown to be a strong opponent, with him been able to levitate for a limited time while his skeletal armour provided him with some durability against blunt attacks and Godzilla's atomic breath. Monster X could also fire Gravity beams from his eyes on his head and on the two smaller heads on his shoulders. If these beams collided with Godzilla's atomic breath, however, it would result in an almighty explosion strong enough to knock both monsters off their feet. Finally, Monster X could transform into his final form - Keizer Ghidorah.

Keizer Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah.

As Keizer Ghidorah (also known as "Kaiser Ghidorah" and "Monster X II"), the monster's form became that of a three-headed dragon, with small wings and two separate tails instead of one tail with two tips. Keizer Ghidorah maintains his Gravity beam attack - firing it out of the mouths of his three heads. However, the Gravity beams were shown as been able to actually 'grab' Godzilla - allowing Keizer Ghidorah to use them to drag Godzilla around the ruins of Tokyo and even levitate him into the air. Furthermore, the beams no longer reacted explosively when they connected with Godzilla's atomic breath. Finally, Keizer Ghidorah was shown as been able to absorb energy of its victims using its bite.

It's presumed that Keizer Ghidorah is capable of flight, despite not flying during the battle with Godzilla. Furthermore, the monster can still live with just one head if the other two are decapitated or destroyed.


Following the Xilien invasion of Earth in 2004, a group of people from the Earth Defense Force headed on
Godzilla roars in triumph after defeating Gigan.

Godzilla roars in triumph after defeating Gigan.

the E.D.F super submarine Gotengo/Atoragon to Antarctica in order to awaken Godzilla to fight off the monsters that the aliens were using to do their bidding. Despite been brought down by aerial attacks from the monster Gigan, the crew succeeded - with Godzilla engaging Gigan in battle and seemingly killing the extraterrestrial cyborg by blasting off its head. As the Xilien Controller learned of Godzilla, he summoned Monster X - which began to head towards Earth in an asteroid.

By the time Monster X reached Earth, Godzilla had fought and defeated all of the monsters that the Xiliens
Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs02:34

Godzilla Final Wars Godzilla vs. Monster X

Godzilla destroys the incoming asteroid, before beginning his battle with Monster X.

controlled (Zilla, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Anguirus, Rodan, King Caesar, Ebirah and Hedorah) before arriving in Tokyo. Seeing the meteor heading towards the city, Godzilla charged up his atomic breath before unleashing it - the beam reaching into space and colliding with the asteroid. The asteroid exploded over Tokyo, with Godzilla at the center of the crater. Monster X - having emerged from the asteroid - descended on Tokyo. The two monsters stared each other down before beginning to attack each other both physically and with their energy attacks - with Godzilla roaring in pain after been hit by Monster X's gravity beams. As their battle continued, the Controller sent out a repaired and modified Gigan to deal with Mothra - who had arrived in Tokyo to aid Godzilla.

Unfortunately for Godzilla, the battle between Mothra and Gigan was only brief, with Gigan seemingly doing away with Mothra. With the Divine insect seemingly dealt with, Gigan joined forces with Monster X - double-
Mothra attacks Monster X and Gigan.

Mothra attacks Monster X and Gigan from behind.

teaming Godzilla. Against two strong enemies, Godzilla was outmatched, with Monster X restraining him before Gigan slashed Godzilla with his new dual chainsaws. However, as Gigan went for another slash, Godzilla managed to pull Monster X to one side - causing Gigan to hit Monster X instead and consequently release Godzilla as a result. Before either alien could attack the Monster King again, however, they were both knocked down by a hit from behind. The hit had come from Mothra, who had only been temporarily brought down. As Gigan abandoned his battle with Godzilla to again deal with Mothra, Godzilla and Monster X battled on.
Monster X begins to transform.

Monster X begins to transform.

While the humans continued their battle with the Xiliens and Mothra's battle with Gigan came to an explosive conclusion, the battle between Godzilla and Monster X continued - but with neither monster able to gain a definitive advantage over the other. At one point,
Transformation into Keizer Ghidorah.

Transformation into Keizer Ghidorah.

Godzilla did pin Monster X down before pummeling the monster with numerous blows, but X eventually countered and got back into the fight. As the humans finally defeated the Xiliens with the destruction of the alien mothership, Godzilla and Monster X both unleashed their beam attacks at one another - the clash of energies resulting in a fiery explosion that knocked both monsters off their feet. As the humans watched from inside the Gotengo, Godzilla managed to get back on his feet, but something strange was happening to Monster X. As both Godzilla and the humans watched with first confusion and then the realization of what was happening, Monster X transformed into a much more powerful form - Keizer Ghidorah!

Godzilla and Kezier Ghidorah lock beams.

Godzilla and Kezier Ghidorah lock beams.

Despite this new and unexpected move, Godzilla - never one to back down, despite been weary from all his previous battles - roared his challenge to his three headed adversary before unleashing another blast of his atomic breath. Keizer Ghidorah responded by unleashing a trio of Gravity beams from each of his three mouths. This time, the two energies pushed against one another. After a few seconds, Keizer Ghidorah won the beam fight, with Godzilla blasted back as his Atomic breath was overpowered. As the Monster King lay on the
Keizer Ghidorah levitates Godzilla with its gravity beams.

Keizer Ghidorah levitates Godzilla with its gravity beams.

ground, Keizer Ghidorah wasted no time and showed him no mercy, blasting him again with his energy beams and pushing him across the battlefield. The three headed dragon then revealed another ability as he used his Gravity beams to levitate and drag Godzilla around the ruins of Tokyo - injuring the already weakened beast even more.

Finally, Keizer Ghidorah moved in for the kill. After stomping on Godzilla and kicking him back into a pile of
Keizer Ghidorah begins to drain Godzilla&#039;s Energy.

Keizer Ghidorah begins to drain Godzilla's Energy.

rubble, the three headed beast rushed forward before each head bit into Godzilla. Lifting up the exhausted reptile, Keizer Ghidorah began to drain what energy Godzilla had left - with Godzilla helpless and loosing consciousness as Earth's last hope began to fade. However, humanity would not give up Earth so easily. Jumping into the Gotengo's firing chair, Ozaki - a Keizer (Human/Xilien hybrid) - began to charge up both his power and almost all of the Gotengo's remaining power. Channeling it into the Gotengo's front drill, Ozaki fired the beam of energy at Godzilla.

Godzilla unleashes his Nuclear Pulse.

Godzilla unleashes his Nuclear Pulse.

Re-energized by the beam, Godzilla quickly regained consciousness with his strength and power restored. He quickly demonstrated this by unleashing a nuclear pulse, causing Keizer Ghidorah to let go of him, before biting one neck of the dragon. As the middle head prepared to fire a gravity beam, Godzilla retaliated with his atomic breath before the beam could be fired - with the middle head completely blown apart. Grabbing hold of the left head as it prepared to fire, Godzilla let the gravity beam decapitate the left head before throwing the severed head to the ground. Keizer Ghidorah tried to retreat, but this time Godzilla led an unrelenting
Godzilla blasts off Keizer Ghidorah&#039;s middle head.

Godzilla blasts off Keizer Ghidorah's middle head.

attack - grabbing the three headed dragon and throwing it across the battlefield. Repeating what Keizer Ghidorah did to him by standing on the monster's neck before kicking the mutilated beast, Godzilla grabbed the monster by its tails and - in a true display of the Monster King's physical strength - swung it into the air before smashing the hateful hydra twice into the ground.

At last, Godzilla moved in for his strongest and final attack. Still holding Keizer Ghidorah by the tails, Godzilla
Keizer Ghidorah hit by Godzilla&#039;s Hyper Spiral Ray.

Keizer Ghidorah hit by Godzilla's Hyper Spiral Ray.

swung the helpless beast into the air before letting go. As Keizer Ghidorah sailed upwards from the force of the throw, Godzilla charged up his Hyper Spiral Ray - unleashing the supercharge red beam at his foe. Keizer Ghidorah was hit by the beam, with his armour barely holding out as he was pushed upward into the sky at an astonishing rate. As the three headed dragon reached the atmosphere, its armour gave out and the beast exploded in a dazzling display.
Keizer Ghidorah explodes.

Keizer Ghidorah explodes.

Down on the ground, Godzilla roared in triumph as he watched the sky light up as Keizer Ghidorah's body erupted in a sea of flame - his battle with Monster X / Keizer Ghidorah and the Xilien forces finally over - the Earth safe once again.


Godzilla Final Wars (2004) - Movie

Godzilla: Ongoing - Comic

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