Biography Information
Homeworld Mandalore
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Diet Omnivore
Language Common
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Affiliation True Mandalorians
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe
Appearances Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Montross was a former 'True Mandalorian' warrior during the Mandalorian Civil War and a brutal one at that—feared by all including his teammates. After been banished due to abandoning his leader—Jaster Mereel—and leaving him to die, Montross became a feared bounty hunter. He was shown as having a hatred for fellow Mandalorian/Bounty Hunter Jango Fett—referring to their rivalry as 'just business'.

Personality-wise, Montross was adept, but frequently displayed reckless bravado that put himself and his comrades in danger. He was also full of pride regarding the Mandalorians having never abandoned a mission, although he was also shown as been cowardly. Komari Vosa referred to him as 'the one who shadows Jango Fett'.


Montross was a Mandalorian who sided with the 'True Mandalorians' when civil war broke out between them and a splinter faction called the Death Watch, led by Tor Vizsla—a 'barbarian' who wanted the Mandalorians to rule the galaxy. Although becoming second-in-command, Montross was brutal even by Mandalorian standards—been frequently at odds with Mereel over tactics or his own tendency to cause too much collateral damage. During a battle against the Death Watch on Concord Dawn, Jaster Mereel's squads were aided by a young boy called Jango Fett—who helped them win against the Death Watch forces (Montross sniping them from an upper-story building and shooting the remaining stragglers as the Mandalorians left).

Jaster, seeing Jango as been an orphan with his parent's death and impressed by him, recruited Jango into the Mandalorians and became a surrogate father to him. It would later become the main cause of the rivalry between Montross and Jango, as Montross saw Jango as a child and a coward - enraged at the attention Jaster showed him as well as the fact that Montross (an opportunist) wanted to be Jaster's successor. During a mission on Korda Six, Montross made his feelings towards Fett known beforehand that Jaster 'would need a clear head' when it came to picking a successor. The mission Intel turned out to be falsified and was a trap set by the Death Watch. Mereel, angry at a foolhardy charge that Montross had led (due to him not wanting the Mandalorian's mission record to be blemished) declared that if they survived, Montross would be out of his squad. Attacked by Tor Vizsla in an armored vehicle, Jaster's call to Montross for an airlift out was ignored - Montross openly declaring he was through taking orders from Jaster and would 'take good care of the troops' before flying away and leaving Jaster to die at Tor's hands.

Returning to the troops, Montross immediately tried getting them to continue the abort that Jaster had originally stated. When questioned about Jango's whereabouts, he replied that Jango had died trying to save Jaster - only for Jango to arrive with Jaster's body. Montross tried to persuade Fett to let him take over the Mandalorians, but Fett told those gathered that Montross had left Mereel to die and was 'not fit to lead them'. Despite his attempt to persuade the other Mandalorians not to follow his rival, the only reaction was blasters being drawn on him. With a parting shot at Fett that he'd lead the others to their deaths, Montross left the Mandalorians and disappeared for a time - taking Jaster's armour and mounting it as a trophy on his wall.

With his exile from the Mandalorians, Montross used the skills he had gained to become a bounty hunter -
Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 2 Level 2 Part 201:44

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 2 Level 2 Part 2

Jango and Montross clash in their hunt for Komari Vosa.

although he almost exclusively killed his victims as he preferred the thrill and the sport, not the money. From one of his bounties, he gained a KR-TB "Doomtreader" star-ship he renamed Hell's Anvil as a 'bonus' for his hunt. Later on, he received a transmission from a man identifying himself as 'Tyrannus' (former Jedi turned Sith lord, Count Dooku), with the proposition of locating the leader of the Bando Gora, a rogue female Jedi called Komari Vosa, and bringing her back dead or alive with the reward of 5,000,000 republic credits either way. Unbeknown to Montross, Jango had received the same invitation. Tracking down a Death Stick drug supplier called Groff Haugg on Coruscant due to the Bando Gora's rumored connection to the death stick narcotics, Montross extracted information from Groff before freezing him in carbonite. When Fett arrived, Montross and him briefly battled before Montross fled - following the information Groff had given him.

However, he would learn that Death Stick traffic in the Gizzari system (where Groff had sent him) was
Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 4 Level 3 Part 204:38

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 4 Level 3 Part 2

Jango and Montross clash again on Malastare - Fight begins at 1:49

stopped by the Republic soon time back. Realizing Groff had lied to him, Montross asks his ship's computer for more information. Learning that smugglers were offered reduced prison sentences for information, he also learns of on former smuggler - Bendix Fust, a smuggler serving time on Oovo IV and also wanted alive by Malastare crime lord Sebolto for a 50,000 credit reward. Seeing a transmission about a riot on Oovo IV with all contact with the prison having gone dead, Montross realizes Jango is responsible and headed for Malastare. Landing on Malastare and piloting a Skiff, Montross ambushes Jango. Another battle follows between the pair before Montross is forced to retreat, due to Zam attacking him in Slave I before she picks Jango up. Unbeknownst to the pair, Montross has put a listening device on Jango's ship and eavesdrops on their conversation. Learning they are heading to Tatooine, Montross
Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 5 Ending Scene01:06

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Chapter 5 Ending Scene

Jango tries to call Rozetta, but gets a nasty surprise

instead heads to Outland Station where Jango's contact Rozetta is.

Breaking in, Montross tortures Rozetta for the information she has acquired before setting thermal charges. Gloating to Jango when he tries to get in touch, Jango angrily tells Montross he has 'just signed his death warrant'. Telling Jango to not be a 'sore loser', Montross replies "it's just business, old buddy". Punching the screen, Jango headed for Outland station while Montross left—heading for Kohlma, one of the moons of Bogden and where the Bando Gora cult was located. Jango would later learn from the dying Rozetta where Montross was headed and followed him—escaping Outland Station before its destruction.

Jango vs06:05

Jango vs. Montross - Final Battle

Jango and Montross fight for the final time - fight begins at 2:13.

Landing his ship in the swamp, Montross donned his full Mandalorian Armour and waited for Fett. Upon his arrival, the two talked once more, with Montross expressing that it'd almost be a shame to kill Vosa due to the power she wielded—been able to send thousands of mindless assassins willingly to their deaths and plunging the galaxy into anarchy. Despite Jango saying there wouldn't be much money in anarchy, Montross states that it's the thrill of the hunt and not the payout that drives him—right up to hearing his victim beg for mercy before taking his life. Putting on his Mandalorian helmet, Montross declared this battle would be done in the 'Mandalorian way' but this time would be to the death.

With their weapons drawn, the two dueled for the final time. Montross, much to his horror, was defeated—stating it wasn't supposed to end the way it did before asking Jango for a warrior's death—only for
640px-Montross Death

Montross meets his end.

Jango to repeat Montross' line "Don't be a sore loser". Telling Jango he would see him in Hell, Jango turned and walked away—telling Montross to save him a place before Montross was attacked by Bando Gora. Screaming defiantly, Montross begged Jango to finish him—but his pleas fell on deaf ears as Jango continued the hunt, leaving Montross to be torn apart.

If the player loses in their fight against Montross, an alternate cutscene plays showing Montross over Jango's dead body—declaring Vosa's bounty is his and that he'll save a place in Hell for Jango.


  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (video game) (First appearance)

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