Moon Tribe
General Information
Homeworld Moon
Height 2 meters (6'1")
Lifespan 200 years
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Okami Universe

The Moon Tribe (月の民 - Tsuki no tami) is a highly advanced race of humanoids that once lived on the moon within the Okami universe, though became extinct due to a unspecified extinction event that occurred within space, apart from a few living individuals that left the moon, and arrived to earth, by the Ark of Yamato (one of the larger spacecrafts made by the Moon Tribe).

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit


The Moon Tribe's main symbol. Note the markings showing the phases of the moon upon it.

The Moon Tribe race has an uncanny similarity towards human beings in appearance, though have rather small differences; they have long, golden hair regardless of gender, dotted eyebrows, and wore Chinese-styled pink clothing. It isn't clear if these sorts of appearances are universal, or just set for the living individuals present.

Clairvoyance has been shown to be possessed by members of the race. They are also shown to be able to levitate in midair, as their main form of movement, despite having the bodily structure matching humans (including human legs).


Compared to earth at the time of their reign, the Moon Tribe were technologically advanced, about a millennium ahead of time before their extinction. Their technological advances include galactic travel (Flying saucers, Rockets, etc.), as shown with the relics left upon earth. Weaponry shown among the Moon Tribe is also highly advanced, which included blades resembling Light Sabers from the Star Wars universe.

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