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Moorjhone was a planet located in the galaxy. It was in a trinary star system. It was normally lit and heated by two of the three suns at a given time, once every ten years, however, all three suns would rise on the same side of the planet, resulting in the Day of Three Suns.


It was the location of a mine operated by Rim Commercial Mining, headed by a Gossam named Ja'Boag. Upon his arrival, the inhabitants of the planet were cast from their homes in the caves and forced to live outside. This endangered their lives as the Day of Three Suns was fast approaching—Without cover, everyone and everything on the surface would burn.

Moorjhone became the site of a battle between Darth Maul, Savage Opress and several Jedi investigating Ja'Boag's connection to Maul. After the battle, a wounded Maul was recovered from the desert and was convinced to lead an army of these residents against Ja'Boag, so that they would be able to return safely to their homes. His intent, however, was focused solely on killing Ja'Boag and rescuing his brother, Opress.


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