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The Moorwen origin is the planet where the Moorwen lived before the Humanoid Colonization.

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-1
Moorwen Planet
Universe Outlander Film Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial

Nitrogen/Oxygen mix

Primary Terrain  Marshy Lowland
Notable Species Moorwen

Overview Edit

The home world of the 'Moorwen' species, ( now presumed extinct,) is a Type I planet, host to an extremely inimical species known as Moorwen. Upon arrival, an unnamed humanoid species of warlike spacefarers assessed the planet's habitability as, 'correctable.' A selective nuclear bombardment was launched followed by a massive campaign of strafing and bombing all detectable lifeforms larger than a Terrestrial rodent. Initial frontier colony structure assembly followed with limited colonization.

Mystery Edit

It is known that the Moorwen were predators, but what they hunted before the Humanoid colonozation is unknown. This species (possibly more than one) may have been extinct along with the Moorwen. In the movie "Outlander" you can see a Moorwen hunting on a part of the planet. It is possible that the the Moorwen were the sole Apex Predator on the planet.