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The Moorwen Planet is the planet where the Moorwens lived before the Outlander Invasion.

Outlander - Guerreiro Vs Predado-1
Moorwen Planet
Universe Outlander Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain low vegetation, mountains
Notable Species Moorwens, Outlanders (adopted)

Overview Edit

The Moorwen Planet was the home of a curious now extinct lifeform known as Moorwen. Althrough partially destroyed during the Outlander Invasion, the planet stills alive; because the Outlanders used mainly fire to kill the Moorwens, preserving other lifeforms.

Mystery Edit

It is known that the Moorwens were predators, but what have they hunted before the Outlander Invasion is unknown. This species (possibly more than one) may have been extinct along with the Moorwens. In the movie "Outlander" you can see a Moorwen feeding on a part of the planet. It is possible that the planet itself Is food for Moorwens.

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