According to legend, Mor' Otesi is the original homeworld of the Crystalsapiens.

Landscape Edit

Due to the decay of its ozone layer millions of years ago, the once lush green Mor' Otesi has long since become dangerously irradiated by a constant powerful barrage of ultraviolet light.

Mor' Otesi is a planet filled with purple crystals. Its landscape is now barren and rocky and its original native inhabitants largely became extinct. However, one particular species adapted to the perilously high levels of electromagnetic radiation and has managed to thrive here over the millennia despite the planet's seemingly inhospitable atmosphere: Crystalsapiens evolved unique attributes to take advantage of their irradiated environment and went on to create a complex and sophisticated society on modern Mor' Otesi.

Plumber's Badges Edit

  1. After Max informs you of Echo Echo's Sonic Scream, there will be another glass crystal in the corner. Use Echo Echo's Sonic Scream or his Wall of Sound to shatter the glass and retrieve the plumber's badge.
  2. As Chromastone, you will come to a laser-activated ride.  Before jumping on the next one, jump below as Big Chill to avoid dying and collect the Plumber's Badge.
  3. After a huge fight, use Echo Echo to shatter the glass to get the badge.
  4. Same as the third. Use Echo Echo after using his Carbon Copy ability to open a door.
  5. After the last giant fight, you can use Echo Echo to travel deep in a corner to shatter the glass.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mor' Otesi is 'ultraviolet' in Turkish

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