A model of the creature as seen in the 1953 movie


A Mor-Taxan as seen in the TV series

The Mor-Taxans are an alien race that features in War of the Worlds 1953 movie adaptation and TV series, in which they attempt to colonize Earth. Although the movie is only loosely based on the eponymous book (changing not only the alien species but also the dates of the events, from the late 19th century to the mid 20th) the Mor-Taxans share some of the technology of Well's Martians and also their vulnerability to Earth bacteria.


Early eventsEdit

The Mor-Taxans are intelligent lifeforms that were native to a world called Mor-Tax across the galaxy. The remaining members of the civilization which included several million were travelling towards Earth. (Episode: Among the Philistines) This race considered themselves to be a superior species that came from a dying star system in the constellation known to Humans as Taurus. It was located forty light years beyond time and space from Earth. Their homeworld of Mor-Tax was an ancient planet and veritable garden world though its sun was dying. Thus, without light, they faced extinction and the planet Earth was discovered that was closest which had the ability to allow their kind to continue eternally under a new sun. In 1953, the Mox-Taxan army came to conquer the planet Earth and purge its surface of all parasites that included Humanity. They believed that mankind had abused their paradise world and did not deserve the Earth which was why they saw Humans as vermin as well as a plague.Supreme Commander Quinn was known to had sacrificed his family life in order to make a refuge for his dying race. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

The invasion of the planet Earth began in 1953 where the Mor-Taxans devastated the Human cities but they were not accustomed to the planet's microscopic lifeforms. These organisms seemingly killed the invaders with their bodies being placed into barrels placed at radioactive sites. (Episode: The Resurrection) After the invasion, all relevant data on the Mor-Taxans and some of their technology was locked away in a military archives bunker where it was classified under Project: Deep Ice. To ensure the security of this data, documentation deliberately mispelt the name of the Project and hit them in different vaults to prevent anyone from easily discerning their location. The contents of this data list up to 10,000 such drums being placed at various sites where the aliens slumbered. (Episode: The Second Seal)

At least one alien did not succumb to the bacteria where he managed to survive but was left stranded for the next thirty five years on a hostile alien planet called Earth. This Mox-Taxan, later known as Quinn, managed to survive across the years as his host body had developed an immunity to the bacteria that had defeated his kind. (Episode: The Prodigal Son) By 1954, the Mor-Taxan's main invasion force was expected to arrive within four years time. (Episode: Among the Philistines) Three million Mor-Taxan colonists along with an army of thousands were warping from Mor-Tax to Earth. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)


The Advocacy later sent their agents in possessed bodies to recover the weaponry of one of their crashed starships and travelled to the site in Grover's Mill which was celebrating the 50th anniversary since the end of the invasion. These aliens managed to successfully retrieve a heat ray from the crashed saucer and attached it to a Human truck where they intended to use it against agents of Project: Blackwood. However, these Humans reflected the beam back with a crystal dish that destroyed not only the heat ray but many of the alien invaders as well. (Episode: Eye for an Eye) Afterwards, they sent further infiltrators to retrieve the data from Project: Deep Ice in order for them to recover more of their hibernating brethren. (Episode: The Second Seal) The Mor-Taxans later sought to recover the Y Fever virus for use as a bioweapon against Humans only to learn that it affected their mental faculties as well upon exposure. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name)

A danger came to the Mor-Taxan invasion when one member of the Advocacy suffered from diminished mental faculties after being infected with Chicken Pox. Unable to heal this individual with their low resources, the aliens were forced to move into the city to the Lyndon Power Plant gather the much needed resources to heal this individual thus restoring the Advocacy to full power. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) Mor-Taxan scientists also developed a toxin in the form of spores which they intended to eliminate Humanity. To distribute the toxic spores, they infiltrated Mason International and possessed its CEO Marcus Mason to mix the toxin into radiation resistant grain. The intention was to decimate the Human population and leaving the survivors too few to resist the conquest of the planet. Only three of the freighters were launched before the rest were stopped by members of Project: Blackwood though the aliens retained the capacity to make more of the toxin. (Episode: The Good Samaritan)

Twelve kilograms of plutonium was later stolen by the Mor-Taxans with the intention of detonating a nuclear explosion in order to trigger open warfare between the United States and the Soviet Union. (Episode: Epiphany) They later attempted to infiltrate Operation: Blackwood though their agent was killed. (Episode: Among the Philistines) Furthermore, they tried to use subliminal messaging to brainwash a Human scientist to help create a vaccine for common bacteria. This subliminal messaging also made those that heard them feel that the Mor-Taxans were peaceful travellers that were scared of Humanity's destructive potential. The vaccine was, however, secretly contaminated with ammonia that killed three alien subjects. (Episode: Choir of Angels) They later saw on television about an auction of a Humanwhere a person was selling a Native American artifact. Unknown to anyone except the aliens, it contained an alien starter able to activate one of their warships that would have made their conquest of Earth easier. Despite being uncovered, the activated ship was destroyed in a cyclone in Native American lands. (Episode: Dust to Dust)

The Mox-Taxans later attempted to study Human physiology in order to learn of their immune systems to better solve their own problem with Earth's bacteria. This led to abduction of test subjects to the alien caverns but the initial attempts were a failure as the Human subjects spoilt too easily due to the radiation. Thus, the Advocacy decided to take the experiments outside where they would survive longer. This led to secret activities being conducted from a confiscated ambulance though their activities attracted the attention of Project Blackwood after one of the test subjects began suffering from nightmares from the missing time when she was abducted but later kidnapped her to harvest the implant they placed in her. (Episode: He Feedeth Among the Lilies) Another goal of the Advocacy was to eliminate the renegade Mor-Taxan known as Quinn who had escaped numerous attempts at being captured or killed. This was because of the immunity his host body had to Earth's bacteria and the Advocacy's interest would have led to Quinn's death which was why he became a renegade as he wanted to survive. Quinn, however, also proposed an alternative where 10% of Earth's population would be culled where the remaining would live in preserves far from the Mor-Taxans where they would live life immortal. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

Another initiative sponsored by the Earth based Mor-Taxans was to paralyse Human communication systems. Their studies of Humans led them to determine that they were social animals and that preventing them from communicating with one another would lead to chaos within their society. This was believed to leave Humans vulnerable to all forms of attack. (Episode: The Meek Shall Inherit)


Their physiology included a brain stem which supplied a light greenish fluid that was an essence of their being. (Episode: Choir of Angels) Mor-Taxan strength allowed them to easily overpower Humans and had enough strength to break through wooden doors with their fists. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name) Hot steams were also able to harm them in their natural form in the same capacity as it did to a normal Human. (Episode: The Good Samaritan) Mox-Taxans also had the ability of probing the minds of others by using their natural limbs and touching the temple of a Human. This contact led initially to pain whereupon the subject enters into a docile state where they responded to the commands of the aliens. In addition, this allowed some elements of their knowledge to pass to the Mox-Taxan. Following the removal of the alien limb, clear definitive scarring was left behind on the dead Human victim and a mucous-like saliva left behind. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

Upon taking a host, a Mor-Taxan seemingly altered their blood chemistry because if stabbed Humans bled a green blood before dissolving. (Episode: The Second Seal) Severed limbs of a Mor-Taxan also underwent the dissolving process. (Episode: The Good Samaritan) In terms of nutrition, members of the race were known to eat the petals from flowers when within Human host bodies. (Episode: Eye for an Eye)

The Mor-Taxans had the ability of taking over Human bodies with the theory by the Blackwood Project holding that this was accomplished through cell phase matching. It was believed that the aliens were capable of absorbing themselves completely into the Human body where the like cells matched up whereupon they take complete control of the intelligence of the host with the Mor-Taxan in control. (Episode: Among the Philistines) By inhabiting Human bodies, they were able to take part in the perfect cover to hide amongst mankind. (Episode: The Prodigal Son) Some Human bodies, such as elderly ones, were incapable of handling the trauma of possession as they were too fragile leading to their death. (Episode: Choir of Angels) In one rare case, a genetic twist within a host body that provided a Mox-Taxan immunity from Earth's bacteria also trapped them within the Human form and prevented them from leaving it. Possessed hosts gained the Mor-Taxans enhanced strength that, according to Quinn, allowed them to crush a Human skull as if they were crushing a cockroach. (Episode: The Prodigal Son) Possession allowed a Mor-Taxan to know everything its host body knew. (Episode: The Meek Shall Inherit)

Mor-Taxans proved vulnerable to the disease known as Chicken Pox which afflicted their mental capacity and required treatment. Whilst they were able to purge the disease from an infectee, the degeneration of the mental system remained and required further treatment in order to cure the infected individual. Sufferers were withdrawn and unable to entirely function unless they were healed. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) Ammonia, even trace amounts of the substance, had an allergic reaction on Mor-Taxan tissue. Its effects included breathing difficulties, intense pain and eventually death that killed both the aliena long with its host who melted into an organic goo. (Episode: Choir of Angels)

Another notable element of their biology was their partial resistance to the Y Fever virus. In normal Humans, the virus melted the brains of the infected which made it the perfect bioweapon as they died within seconds after exposure. Mor-Taxans, however, did not die from the virus but suffered from a mutation where they became violent, unpredictable and rogue as a result. They became deranged and irrational in their thought patterns whilst they mixed their own mindset with that of their host bodies which made them dangerous to encounter. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name)

When transferring from one possessed body to another, the previous host disintegrated into a steaming pile of slime. (Episode: The Second Seal) It was known that a chemical change when they took over a host body and that dead bodies were not worthwhile for them to use in possessing. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name) A Mor-Taxan within a Human host dying of disease had their physical forms gradually age into a desiccated husk. (Episode: To Heal the Leper)


Mor-Taxans considered themselves to be a superior species and one that was greater than any organism in the Galaxy. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) In terms of mindset, the Mor-Taxans held a deem view on Humanity and believed them to be the equivalent of fungus and that they did not negotiate with such a lowly species. (Episode: Eye for an Eye) They believed Humans to be little more than primitives with a self-destructive nature which they believed was their greatest weakness but also their greatest strength thus making them a danger to Mor-Taxan domination. As a result, they saw a Human controlled Earth as a truly filthy environment. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name) They felt that Human brains were completely useless but had their uses for their technology. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) Mor-Taxans believed dialogue was impossible with Humans but demands were able to be made and had no concern about leaving only 10% of the Human race alive with the rest being poisoned. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

The Mor-Taxans during their invasion of Earth were known to capture Human prisoners with intelligent individuals being used to have their brain matter put to good use. However, some of these individuals were known to be used as replacement host bodies with the strongest being awarded to the ruling leaders of the Mor-Taxans. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) Their scientists were not above studying and dissecting live Human specimens. Some of these scientists that the elimination of the disease ridden loathsome Humanity was reward enough for their efforts. (Episode: The Good Samaritan) Scientists amongst the Mor-Taxans believed Humans to be hopelessly combatitive with a 96.85% chance that they would annihilate themselves as a result of tribal warfare. They believed mankind to be a parasitic race of cretins. (Episode: Epiphany) Human television they also felt was garbage and dulled the mind. (Episode: Dust to Dust) Even a rebel Mor-Taxan claimed that whilst he had nothing against Humans, that their stench was offensive and that all should be killed. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

The species did not accept failure and individuals that did fail in their duty were expected to commit suicide as part of their obligation. Before killing themselves, these individuals stated the phrase "To life immortal". (Episode: The Second Seal) Those that return in failure were taken away to be terminated to fulfill their obligation. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name) They were described as being fanatical soldiers who were willing to commit suicide rather than be captured. (Episode: Among the Philistines) Mor-Taxans were known to possess mates and children. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

Among the higher caste of Mor-Taxans formed a triumvirate known as the Advocacy with each member being called an Advocate. This body was considered indivisible and were a trinity of indisputed strength as well as wisdom. A group of three was a requirement and the loss of a single member meant the remaining members were capable of only the most simplistic activity with reduced intelligence. Any counsel that they gave was considered less than perfect and any actions they suggested was seen as increasingly unreliable along with being indecisive. Their move to restore a fallen Advocate was described as a perfect example of their logic systems and problem solving capabilities. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) They were considered the ruling class that were three that ruled thousands with some believing that they were more concerned about seeking glory instead of the survival of their kind. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

Below the Advocacy resided the position of Commanders who were responsible for leading the various operations for the Mor-Taxans. (Episode: The Good Samaritan) One rank within the Mor-Taxans was Wa-if-sof (One Who Knows) who were the supreme commanders of the alien armies; Quinn was known to hold this position. (Episode: The Prodigal Son) Action squads were deployed into the field to accomplish set objectives. (Episode: Dust to Dust) Satisfactory service by operatives led to them being rewarded such as being given inoculated first from Earth's bacteria. (Episode: Choir of Angels) Not all Mor-Taxans were allied with their leadership with their existing the potential for rebel traitors in their ranks. This was notable in the form of Quinn who represented the army that opposed the glory seeking ruling class that had ignored the warnings of their scientists. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

The leadership of the Advocacy was valued highly by the lower ranking Mor-Taxans who were considered as nothing without the counsel of their superiors. (Episode: Goliath Is My Name) In fact, they were said to hold a collective consciousness that was critical for their society because if one of the Advocacy died then all died. (Episode: To Heal the Leper)

In terms of culture, the Mox-Taxan known as Quinn was known to had developed beautiful works of Earth after he adapted to Human culture. He claimed that the stars was the source of his imagination, invention and of life immortal. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)


They were able to construct sophisticated healing devices from common technology found on Earth. One such medical instrument that was used to heal the mental faculty of their kind suffering from Chicken Pox was larger than a Human body and resembled a double sided pyramid crystalline structure. Part of this treatment involved freezing the degeneration to involve the healthy cells to renew themselves. Within this machine was the removed brains from Human bodies that were fused into an essence that would be used to restore an afflicted Mox-Taxan. This process, however, required a degree of power and brain matter numbering up to three dozen to accomplish successfully. From a long needle tip below, a small green fluid was distilled from the brains that regenerated the body of a Mor-Taxan within its Human host to the point that it restored their youth. The container was described as being so complex yet so simple but Humans were unable to tell if it was elemental or synthetic. Touch contact with the device led to it shattering into glass components. (Episode: To Heal the Leper)

Their knowledge in the biological sciences also allowed them to create a parasitic toxin unlike anything seen on Earth. This toxin was able to kill Humans following ingestion and brought a catastrophic impact on their bodies. (Episode: The Good Samaritan) Their medicinal tools included a torch-shaped device that projected a green light that left Humans unconscious alongside other invasive tools. This included an implant that was placed behind the rib that was left there for six months until it was later harvested whereupon the aliens consulted the data on a subject's immune system. (Episode: He Feedeth Among the Lilies) They were able to interface their crystal tripyramid devices with Human technology in order to achieve such feats as paralysing global communication. (Episode: The Meek Shall Inherit)

Mor-Taxans also created hand-held three sided pyramidical shaped green crystals that generated electric pulses and had a drug-like addictive euphoric effect on Humans. Humans falling under the influence desired further contact and facing symptoms such as withdrawal. The crystal was also able to generate green energy pulses that sent individuals flying backwards and also reacted to exposure to light. (Episode: The Second Seal) They also were able to develop bracelets that were linked to one another and forced one wearer to be pulled to the other upon activation. The bracelets did not come off unless the user wanted them to do so. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

In terms of infantry scale weaponry, the Mox-Taxans created energy weapons that were able to fit into the hands of a Human. These weapons were bommerang shaped and projected outward where they fired two green energy bolts at either end at a target. The strength of the blast was strong to leave a hole in a concrete wall in a bunker or were capable of disintegrating targets. (Episode: The Second Seal)

Their science allowed them to easily retrofit their advanced weaponry to more primitive technology. One example was when a group of Mor-Taxans salvaged one of their starships heat beams and fitted it onto a Human truck. (Episode: Eye for an Eye) They were also able to use material resources in the environment to create more sophisticated and advanced Mor-Taxan technology such as medical equipment so long as the power requirements were met. (Episode: To Heal the Leper) Quinn was able to produce a laser lock that sealed a door by what he described as a simple principle of physics that was able to prevent anyone from moving through the doorway for thirty minutes. When asked if it was a force field, he simply replied that it was all the same thing for one who understood the universe. (Episode: The Prodigal Son)

Mor-Taxan warships made use of an silver trisided pyramid machine called a starter to activate these starships. When worn, it emitted a strange alien noise. These handheld devices resembled refined crystal that fit in the palm of the hand. When used properly, it glowed with a green light and transmitted to its user the location of the vessel it was linked towards. Data included direction and coordinates to the necessary craft. When the near the ship, the starter crystal allowed the aliens to activate the systems and open the doorway into the craft. (Episode: Dust to Dust)

The aliens were able to send communication signals from across space to their counterparts on Earth. (Episode: Among the Philistines) They were also able to create subliminal messaging and embedding it within music in order to brainwash Humans that listened to it. This was done by the use of a beta wave that meant that any command that was repeated led to a subject being more receptive by stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain making it highly addictive. It made Humans believe that the aliens were peaceful Travellers who were benevolent. The effects on a Human were profound and were able to turn a persons entire value system to favor the Mor-Taxans. Furthermore, those afflicted suffered the effects similar to withdrawal seen in drug users as they would do anything to hear the subliminal messaging. Longer exposure meant the person became more violent when denied listening to the messaging. (Episode: Choir of Angels)


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