The Mother-Ark is the name that Earth Press gave to the huge, alien factory vessel responsible for the births of the Mmrnmhrm. It is sometimes referred to as the Factory-Ark or Mother Ark. After arriving in our region of space hundreds of years ago around circa 1200 CE, it produced millions of Mmrnmhrm robots and eventually broke down. This meant that the Mmrnmhrm, unless finding a new way to replicate or become hybrid (as they did with the Chenjesu), would eventually become extinct.


Its origins remain unknown but it is known that its impossible that the Precursors built it due to the Precursors having left the local quadrant around 198,000 BCE and the fact that the Mother-Ark produced its starships around Circa 1200 CE which was nearly 199,000 years later. as to the ancient race that actually did create the Mother-Ark spaceship they remain unknown and what they looked like has been lost due to the Mmrnmhrm having gone extinct. Although its theorised that the ansestors to the Fjorn known as the the Foon-Jorn might have been what the Earth Press named "the Great Builder race".


  • According to people working on the game Star Control II, Project 6014 they are currently debating whether or not to put the Mother-Ark in the game. According to Star Control Game lore this Ancient space craft would be located in the Juno constellation. It was also debated to put in two cousin races to the Mmrnmhrm known as the Baal and the Foon-Foon which might also have been produced by the Mother-Ark at some point in the past.

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