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Mountain Meat Beetle
General Information
Homeworld Venus
Habitat inside of mountains
Height 4,5m (15ft)
Locomotion Octopod
Diet Glome Grubs and Khraglonii Fungal Globes
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dr. Grordbort's Universe

The Mountain Meat Beetle ist a venusian creature that spends most of its time underground. For this, they build vast burrows in the insides of mountains. They only come out of these burrows once in a while to search for food.

Meat Beetles carry several hundred egg pods on their back, where their young incubate within a time of 25 years after the the egg has been laid. When they hatch, they're about the size of a Jack Russel Terrier. The parent then starts to eat its own young and only some of them survive long enough to escape.


Lord Cockswain killing a Beetle

Dimple Backed Vroxels are cleaning the barnacle like growths from the Beetles shells when they're on the venusian surface.


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