Mr Bean is a character portrayed by British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson. 

At the start of the Mr. Bean live action show, it shows Mr. Bean falling from the sky in the middle of London, and this has sparked many debates with fans if Mr. Bean is actually an alien, which is also an explanation to why he acts so odd.

Mr. Bean is confirmed as an alien in 'Double Trouble', the last episode of Mr. Bean The Animated Series, in this episode there is a UFO full of Mr. Bean clones that had dropped down Mr. Bean onto planet Earth many years ago and had reunited with him, but when they come to take him home, they see that his girlfriend Irma Gobb looks sad without him so they decide to keep him on Earth and erase Irma's memory. As Mr. Bean's people depart from Earth, Bean vows that he will meet them again on the other side.

Gallery Edit

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