The Mugaari are a race of heavy-browed, lantern-jawed humanoids native to the planet Mugaar in the Javin Sector of the galaxy. This area of the galaxy used to be known simply as Mugaari Space, until the Old Republic began settling planets in the neighboring Anoat Sector. The Mugaari were native to the planet Mugaar, and eventually colonized ten other planets, including Javin. Many people associated the Mugaari with pirates, and for good reason. As a people, the gray-skinned Mugaari resented the rest of the galaxy for isolating them, believing that the decline of their own culture was caused by the apathy of the Galactic Senate. Despite an uneasy truce with the human race, the Mugaari continued to operate pirate fleets in the Tungra Sector. With the ascension to power of Emperor Palpatine, the Mugaari threw their support to the Alliance, although they took no official position during the Galactic Civil War. Their base was destroyed in an Imperial raid shortly after the Battle of Hoth.

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