Muunilinst (pronounced "MYOON-il-ist", with a silent "n" near the end in Galactic Basic), nicknamed Moneylend, was the temperate, mineral-rich Muun homeworld and the headquarters of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. It was located on the Braxant Run. It was a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems under Chairman San Hill.

Geographic featuresEdit

Muunilinst was a lush world of forests, plains, and tall, jagged mountain peaks. It had a liquid iron core, a strong magnetic field, and was volcanically active throughout its known history. Its shallow oceans contained hundreds of "smokers," conical volcanoes built up by powerful vents in the crust. Many, though not all, of these smokers spewed out superheated gases containing rich, pure precious metals from the planet's core. The very cones surrounding these vents were made up of layers of precious metals, mixed in with the mollusks, tube-worms, and bioluminescent ferns nurtured by the heat and water. It was these natural formations that provided the Muuns with the almost inexhaustible wealth to guarantee the credit of the entire galaxy.

The skies of Muunilinst were said to the most beautiful in the galaxy.


The tall, gaunt Muuns were famous for their financial acumen, mathematical genius (hence the name Moneylend of their Homeworld of Muunilinst), and greed. Muun children could calculate complex formulas as quickly as most adults of other species. Muuns typically looked at other species as hot-tempered and immature and felt little guilt in exploiting them. They possessed a drive to compete with other races and even among themselves. They also had a fundamental respect for fairness, however, and regarded a contract as almost a sacred trust; they were known to always follow the letter of the law, though often not the spirit. Their society followed a strict caste hierarchy. Higher castes were financiers, lawyers, engineers, and diplomats. Common Muuns rarely left the surface. Upward mobility was limited to the most gifted of common children: they were tested rigorously, and if found worthy, were allowed to enter the higher castes.

There was also a podrace course out by the city of Pilaan.


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