Biography Information
True Identity Mymyamo
Alias Meow (ミャウ Myau)
Mew (Mī-kun)
Bonehead (Bonkura)
Homeworld Betelgeuse
Species Betelgeusian
Schrodingarian (alternate reality)
Gender Male
Hair Color Light yellow, gray and brown fur
Eye Color Black with yellow sclerae
Diet Omnivore
Occupation Alien Hunter
Interests Noodles, his phone, breastaurants, raw meat (when zombified)
Affiliation Aloha Oe crew
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Space Dandy Universe
Created by Masafumi Harada
Performed by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese voice)
Joel McDonald (English voice)

Mymyamo is a main character and member of the Aloha Oe's crew in Space Dandy.

Appearance Edit

As a betelgeusian, Meow resembles an anthropomorphic cat, with large yellow eyes and a tan fur covered body. His hands, feet, belly and the tip of his tail are gray, and he has a streak of brown fur that looks like a shooting star running from his scalp down to his back. He sports a red cap with a ":3" smiley face, simbolizing a cat's face. A light green garment referred by him as a sarong covers his chest, and he wears no bottoms of any sort. He also carries a brown satchel he uses to carry his phone, and wears a pair of orange nursing Crocs.

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